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Legalization in Canada

Everyone is going to get high...apparently.

By Michel El-AsmarPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

Weed...weed...weed; the most hated, misunderstood, and controversial plant to ever be discovered. Why is that? Why is alcohol accepted partly everywhere in the world but is statistically more deadly than cannabis?

I know that the story and history behind both substances are totally different and it’s like comparing apples to oranges. That being said, why is tobacco legal and available everywhere when it’s proven to be deadly and extremely dangerous to our health?

“Check your facts.”

Seriously?...Consuming too much of anything can be unsafe for any human being. Controlling your intake of certain substance can be lifesaving. Perhaps, that can be done properly if people are aware of the risks, the impacts, the side effects and what to do in case of a bad trip.

That can be easily achieve if people educate theirselves about Marijuana like they do about alcohol.

According to many large studies, found that among people aged 15-49, alcohol use was the leading health risk factor across the globe in 2016, with 3.8 percent of all female deaths and 12.2 percent of all male deaths attributable to alcohol use.

As far of being addicted to the substance or the high itself, people who “had tried marijuana at least once, roughly 9 percent eventually fit a diagnosis of addiction. For alcohol, the figure was about 15 percent. To put that in perspective, the addiction rate for cocaine was 17 percent, while heroin was 23 percent and nicotine was 32 percent.”

Legalization of marijuana will make it more accessible for people and everyone is going to get high...really?

I never ever had a problem buying weed in Montreal. If you really want something you can go get it easily. I don’t believe that now that it’s legal, the non-smokers will start smoking. Furthermore, with the legalization, the “legal” weed will be extremely controlled and will be 3x times the black market prices.

That being said, weed will be safer since the control of establishments who sells the weed are extremely severe.

Personal Use

I smoke regularly. I’m not a stoner and I can definitely go by days at a time without smoking weed. Lucky me, I know some people that knew some people in which hooked me up with some damn good weed for some spare change. I first started smoking at 15 years old. I always refused to inhale it, but peer pressure is one hell of a bitch. My first time went left field. Always went paranoid, saying all kind of inappropriate stuff to random people, eating everything...LIKE EVERTHING that I laid my eyes on. The next day I understood that it wasn’t something that I could mess around with. It was really like the first time I drank. (I blacked out...different story, different time.)

10 years later, I’m still smoking and I’m perfectly healthy.

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