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Interesting Facts About Growing Marijuana

A few things to know about one of the world's hottest crops.

By Jonathan GPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

The taboo, fear, and paranoia that surrounds marijuana make some people forget that it’s just a regular plant like the others. The only thing distinguishing it is its cannabinoids, including THC.

Just like any gardening project, growing marijuana has its nuances but it’s mostly the same advice you’d give to someone wanting to get some tomato plants going. This article will go over some interesting aspects of cultivating one of the world’s favorite plants.

Marijuana Grows Mostly Anywhere

If it weren’t for the law getting in the way, marijuana would likely be just as fruitful as a weed without having much monetary value. Assuming one knows the basics of growing marijuana, it is an adaptive plant that can grow in most climates, soil conditions and is pretty easy to grow indoors. From Alaska to Arizona, there are people with MJ crops thriving.

Speaking of weed growing anywhere, there are a lot of people around the world growing marijuana in public spaces. This includes national parks, on the side of backroads or out on unused land. In Colombia and Vietnam, there are enormous marijuana plants part of the natural flora, so locals can just scout out plants rather than cultivate them.

Marijuana Used To Be a Cash Crop

Marijuana usage was out in the open, and even relatively widespread during colonial times. Even several of the founding fathers, including George Washington, had marijuana farms and even used the substance themselves.

The less potent form, hemp, was especially popular during colonial times since it was used in fabrics and sail canvases. It wasn’t until marijuana was demonized that this industry shut down in the United States and elsewhere, making the market shift to cotton.

Marijuana Grows Without Soil

A method growing in popularity is known as aquaponics, which uses a hydroponic system over the soil. Using a source of nutrients, having clean water and keeping the roots suspended will offer efficient yields of marijuana. Fish waste is also a viable source of nutrients if you happen to be into pet fish as well.

Light Determines Better Yields

Just like any other plant, MJ is highly dependent on the Sun to create energy through photosynthesis. The more sunshine it receives, the more likely you are to get better yields and healthier plants. Of course, since so many areas of the world have poor sunshine hours, grow lights are used to grow indoors. To the quickest maturity, your plant should get over 12 hours of quality sunshine a day.

It’s Getting Stronger

Due to improved cultivation methods, the average marijuana grown today is significantly stronger than in the past. Within the past 20 years, THC levels are up 12 percent while cannabidiol is down significantly, according to this study.

It can be a concern for people into marijuana due to the health benefits of cannabidiol, making mass-produced marijuana not as suitable for medicinal purpose. Having said that, there is still a reasonable dosage of CBD that gives benefits to recreational smokers. As demand for CBD oil grows, we may get more selective strains on the market with healthier ratios of THC to CBD.

Stronger THC may also mean worse side effects, like paranoia. This is why one should be mindful about the amount smoked in one session.

Some People Cannot Use It

Many studies have shown to Marijuana to be relatively harmless, but that doesn’t mean everyone should use it. There are people out there that are severely allergic to this plant and can have mild to severe side effects. As legalization rolls out, statistics about marijuana allergies may improve as more people are willing to report them.

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