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Intense drug expience

by Keanu about a year ago in fact or fiction


Intense drug expience
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It was a summer night. probably mid June or July, I can't really remember but it was a day my friend Dom and I decided to do DMT for another time. We have each expiernced this drug but never together. The expiernce of this drug is said to be the expiernce of birth/death. A little background of DMT aslo known as Dimethyltryptamine, is a chemical substance that occurs in many plants and animals and which is both a derivative and a structural analog of tryptamine. It can be consumed as a psychedelic drug and has historically been prepared by various cultures for ritual purposes as an entheogen. Point being this is a very strong drug. As I've stated I have taken this drug before is its own story in iteself, but the result was I basically saw my true self from another lense. Back to the strory.

It was a summer night and we were in the car, parked in a quite neighborhood. Dom decides to put on some music to set the mood for our trip. He puts on Pink Floyd, The dark side of the moon. I'm still new to this whole scene and music like that, growing up it was always assaociated with evil. But I went with the flow and ready to concour anything coming my way. So, Dom pulls out a synthetic version of dmt. This version of it can be vaporized. He inhales as deep as he could and then release and repeated this two more times, until his eyes rolled back and his eyelips closed and laid back in his seat and then handed me the vape. It's my turn. I've expiernced this before so with no hesitation. I take a big hit, inhale as deep as I could, until I couldn't inhale anymore,exhale. Second hit. Deep inhale and then exhale. I'm starting to feel it but just not yet. Third hit. Inhale as deep as I could and there it was. I felt like a skyrocketed out of my body and into another universe. And then exhale. My eyes closed and and my body laid back into the seat and the music took control.

What I saw was unclear at first. I couldn't make it out. It was like I looking at a figure from a distance. But this figure started to become more and more clear. It appeared to be some red figure doing something but I couldn't figure it out yet. Obviously, any type of red figure is a no for me so I opened my eyes freaking out. I looked over to Dom and he was just there laying back in his seat with a smile on his face. That calmed me down a little so I closed my eyes and layed back down. There it was again this red figure, but this time I could put a face to it. The way I can explain it is like the movie from Insidious. That Demon, "the man with fire on his face" is how they explained it in the movie. This is essentailly what I saw and it was preparing for something but I just wasn't sure. Again, this freaked me out and I just couldn't just sit back and watch this thing. I opened my eyes in a panic and looked over to Dom, and he was there laying back with the same smirk on his face. I decided to look out the window and all of a sudden the trees on the opposite side of the street started to form into soldiers. They were clearly still trees but they held themselves very strong and proudfull, with thier chest held out high. A little confused I looked out in front of me and there was a giant bird. Probably about 200 ft tall, with its back facing towards me. What the fuck! That was the only thing I could think of. I had no clue what was happening. I closed my eyes real quick. As if that would help me escape everything. When I closed my eyes, the man with fire on his face was waiting for me. It's not like he was chasing me or anything. He was just the only thing I could see. Pitch black and a floating image of this thing, as it looked like now doing some type of workshop. Crafting up something but I didn't stick around long enough to figure it out. My thought proccess was, both inside or outside were as equally terrifying but which one was I going to face. I chose the bird. I would rather face this giant 200 foot bird than this demon. So, I opened my eyes and there stood the soldiers to the left and to the right the giant bird, that believed to be an eagle. I looked back at the soldiers and not one movement. Stood there without budging and then I look over at the right side of the street and the eagle's head started to move. Freaking out looking everywhere to see if anybody can see what I'm seeing but Dom was there laying back, eyes closed with a smile on his face and I was left alone to face this myself. I took a deep breath and decided to see this though. The eagle's head started starting turning slowly and very dramatically towards me. My heart beating so fast and scared out of my mind. My only option was to face this. The eagle kept turning slowly and slowly until finally we made eye contact. Somehow, now the its whole body was facing me now. We made eye contact but I felt nothing looking into its eyes. It could see me but I could see through it. As we locked eyes, the car started to come off the ground and rise towards it. This was it, I accepted my fate. All of a sudden I fell back towards the ground and everything was normal again and carried on as if nothing happened.

fact or fiction


Done some things in my life that im not too proud of but they made me who I am

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