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Imalent torches are known for their powerful handheld torches

By Peck MorrPublished about a year ago 2 min read

Imalent torches are known for their powerful handheld torches with unmatched brightness and gained fame from making the world's brightest torch and overtaking the previous model with new. The IMALENT MS18 Flashlight with 100,000 lumens and the IMALENT SR32 torch with 120,000 lumens are two of the world's brightest handheld torches. If you are in the field of SAR, first responder, or other professions that require large area illumination in their work, Imalent shouldn't be an unfamiliar name.

Let's take the chance to answer some of the most common questions regarding Imalent Torches in this article.

What is the range of an Imalent torch?

Imalent has a line of LED torches with different specifications. In general, the R-series torches are built for long range applications. The R-series torches usually have an SMO reflector for a more focused beam and use high-powered LEDs such as CREE XHP50.3 Hi and SBT90.3 LEDs.

The Imalent torch with the longest range is IMALENT SR32, a 120,000-lumen flashlight with up to 2080 meters of beam range. The IMALENT SR32 is also the brightest torch in the world after surpassing IMALENT MS18's max output of 100,000 lumens.


What is the highest lumen flashlight available?

Lumen is an essential factor to consider when it comes to evaluating a torch's performance. The lumen resembles the amount of visible light emitted by a light source. The powerful torch has a brighter beam as the lumen reading goes higher.

The highest lumen flashlight - IMALENT SR32

IMALENT SR32 is the latest model of IMALENT's line of powerful torches. This super bright torch has a maximum output of 120,000 lumens, with a luminous intensity of 1,090,000 cd. This powerful flashlight supports PD100W fast charge and can be fully charged within 1.5 hours.

The well-known brightest flashlight - IMALENT MS18

The IMALENT MS18 has been the brightest flashlight ever since 2019, until it was surpassed by the IMALENT SR32 in 2023, with over 20M views on social media. Major presses, such as ZDNet, and professional reviewers, such as 1lumen, widely recognize the Imalent MS18 as the world's brightest flashlight.

What flashlight can cook an egg?

MS18 cook eggs

It seems like an odd question, but it's achievable! Ever since the IMALENT MS18 is introduced to the world, many people have invested some very innovative ideas with the IMALENT MS18 torch, namely, using the IMALENT MS18 to project a batman signal into the sky, 100,000-lumen flashlight versus singularity, and using the MS18 flashlight for cooking an egg.

Twitch phenomenon Ludwig personally owns 10 Imalent MS18 torches, and he intends to do is use all 10 MS18 to fry the egg by projecting the beam onto the egg from different directions. Still, he might underestimate the power of Imalent MS18's powerful beam. Eventually, he cooked an egg with only two IMALENT MS18 torches.

In conclusion, the most powerful torch in the world is IMALENT SR32, with 120,000 lumens. Most people might be more familiar with the IMALENT MS18 with 100,000 lumens and consider it the brightest flashlight in the world. This will change when more and more people are aware of the IMALENT SR32. IMALENT torches are great outdoor lighting tools for large area illumination, SAR missions, first responder operation, and more. If you are looking for the brightest torch in the world, IMALENT SR32 and IMALENT MS18 are both great options.


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