I'm Growing Weed in a Cardboard 'Dollar Store' Grow Box

by Aly Ledene 4 months ago in how to

My Attempt At Home-Growing Marijuana On a 'Bud'get

I'm Growing Weed in a Cardboard 'Dollar Store' Grow Box

While growing cannabis is an art and I am not a true master of the soil, my goal is not to grow "the best" cannabis plant. My goal is grow a consumable cannabis plant for the least amount of money possible. It's no secret that I am a user of medical cannabis. I have found so many benefits from using this plant. I am also known for being thrifty. After some discussion with my wife, I figured I would invest some money in a grow box.I logged on my Amazon account and did some online window shopping. "They want how much for a tent?" I was interested in buying a full kit, but as a person who does not believe in credit cards; I just could not stomach seeing that money fly out of my account for a tent, a fan, and some lights.I found some online videos and other references of how to create a cardboard home grow box. I'm not going to lie, a lot of these looked more like a kindergarten class assembled it.

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