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How to (Safely) Be a Lady Stoner

Roll some girl power in that blunt.

By Michelle GPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Smoking pot isn't just a boy's game, but you also don't have to be a rapper's babe in a push-up bra to smoke a blunt. I started consistently smoking my sophomore year of high school, and at that time it was not a common thing to find other girls doing this during lunch at school or before the Friday night football games. A lot of my girl friends gave me shit for it, telling me how bad it was even though they would take double the vodka shots I would and end up throwing up on some curb. I tried getting them to take piece rips with me, but they firmly resisted. This led to me hanging out with guy friends on most weekends. I quickly learned that most girls who were in some of the situations I'm in would not have been smart enough to make the right decisions, and that it's extremely important to know how to navigate the weed world.

There are definitely perks of being one of the only girls that smokes in a group. You get bowls packed for you, a lot. This is totally dope, don't get me wrong, but you have to be careful with who's offering because you never know who has fucked with whatever you're about to take a rip of. There were times when I definitely felt uncomfortable with the "dank ass shit" I was being offered, and it is so important to know that it is totally okay to turn any drugs being offered to you down. No matter who calls you a bitch or a pussy, the risks are not worth it.

On the topic of free weed, many guys offer girls a free blunt or to be smoked out because they want to fuck them. This can either be painfully obvious or sort of nonchalant but never, ever, ever feel the pressure to follow through if you don't want to. I have tried the slick route of attempting to just snag the free weed even though I knew the guy was doing it because he was down for me. I do not recommend this. Yes, sometimes it can be successful, but sometimes you deal with a very pissed off guy (which can lead to very bad things that I don't think I need to go over) or it turns out the guy was decent and then you just feel like a bitch.

If you are like how I was and don't have a lot of girl friends who smoke weed, don't let bong rips and joints become more important than them. That was something I definitely had to realize after I kept cancelling plans so I could go smoke with the boys. Girls are there for you in ways your guy friends won't be—I promise. Sometimes the guys even see the girl in the group the be the one to do everything for them—pick them up, get them munchies, etc. Yes, that was me at one point. Do not be that girl that encourages their stoner laziness and either say no or find better smokers.

Marijuana is amazing. It brings friends together, opens up the mind to creativity, and heals people (plus, it is a great alternative to cigarettes). It is not something to be scared or intimidated of, yet it is not for everybody. As its legalization and usage is on the rise, things cannot get out of hand and we can't all party too hard. It is very important, especially as a girl, to stay safe and be in control of every situation you are in. Now go spark a joint, pack a bowl, or roll a blunt, girlfriend!

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