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How to Pass Any Drug Test: A Guide

If you think that you might have a drug test in the near future, and you want to be prepared, here’s how you can pass it.

By Isla WrightPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Looking at the title, many people’s first thought would be simply — don’t do drugs. However, everybody does something they aren’t supposed to, and the use of some drugs, like marijuana, is still under debate. Plus, drug tests are often unexpected, and somebody who smokes marijuana probably doesn’t want to lose their job over something that is arguably less harmful than smoking tobacco, for example. Nevertheless, if you think that you might have a drug test in the near future, and you want to be prepared, here’s how you can pass it.

Factors to consider

Before we get to the techniques, there are some things to keep in mind before you choose your method of passing the test. Firstly, the more you use drugs, the harder it is to pass the test, as the substance builds up in your system. Then, the more fat you have, the longer it takes for your body to absorb the THC, as it is stored in your fat cells. Finally, your metabolism plays a role too, and the faster it is, the sooner your body can eliminate the drug.

These things might seem irrelevant if you don’t know when the drug test will happen. However, if it’s planned, and you know weeks in advance, the above-mentioned info can tell you when to stop using drugs in order for your body to have enough time to detox. So, you’d be able to pass your drug test without any worries.

How to pass the urine test?

Urine tests are the most common method, as they are the least intrusive. So, if this is what you think you will be dealing with, here are some ways to pass it.

Permanent detoxification

This method can help you clear your body of any THC, which also means that there won’t be any in your urine either. You would be detoxified until you use drugs again. What you need to do is stop using drugs, exercise regularly, and adjust your diet for a couple of weeks. There are also some supplements that might help you in this detox process. That being said, this only works if you know that you have enough time before the test.

Not using your own urine

If you know that you will have some privacy before turning in your sample, you can get somebody else’s urine and swap the samples, or you can buy synthetic urine and use that. You might need some extra tools, though, like hand warmers or heating pads, to keep the urine at the right temperature. Of course, you should also know that this isn’t exactly legal, so only attempt it if you know that you can’t get caught.

Diluting your urine

Some people also dilute their urine before the test by drinking excessive amounts of water. This would reduce the concentration of drug molecules in the urine, allowing you to pass the test. Moreover, aspirin can reduce the sensitivity of the urine test for marijuana. Also, don’t forget to consume a large dose of vitamin B-12 (50-100 milligrams), as it can help keep your urine the right color. Otherwise, your urine would be clearer, which would make it look more staged. Finally, try to avoid giving your sample early in the morning, since drug metabolites tend to build up while you sleep.

What other tests are there?

Besides the urine tests, there are some other, less common methods of drug testing. Nevertheless, you should know about how to pass those tests as well.

Hair test

Hair tests can detect drug use over a longer period of time, which is why some companies are opting for them. The process itself is similar to the urine test, but faking the results is much more difficult, because the examiners would most likely take the sample themselves, on the spot. So, your best bet with this is to have enough time and perhaps try some of the higher-quality detox shampoos (most of the cheaper ones don’t work, as they can’t break inside the hair follicle).

Blood test

In the blood, cannabis can be detected almost immediately. To keep the story short, blood tests are the most accurate, but they aren’t very common. This is because they require a medical setting, and they are usually more expensive than other types of tests.

Mouth swab test

Saliva testing is becoming popular because it’s not intrusive, and it’s much quicker and simpler that testing urine. That being said, saliva testing can only detect traces of drugs from the last 12 hours, so it’s not very reliable.

To sum up, while cheating is not exactly ethical, it can be understandable. So, if passing a drug test is something you’re worried about, do your research, consider the methods, and hope for the best.

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