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How To Make a Joint Filter

by A M 5 years ago in how to / growing
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Smoking a joint just got a whole lot easier. Learn how to make a joint filter with these easy-to-follow tips.

Whether you’re a novice or a full-blown stoner, knowing how to make a joint filter is a valuable skill. Many people are often worried that using a joint filter will somehow make your hit less potent. In reality, using a joint filter makes smoking your joint so much easier by opening up the airflow and getting rid of all your roach problems.

Why You Should Be Using a Joint Filter

Joint filters should be an essential part of any stoner’s toolbox. Yet, a lot of people forgo the joint filter altogether when they’re rolling a joint. It’s true that rolling a joint filter can take up some extra time if you’re in a rush and adds effort to the joint rolling process, but the benefits far outweigh the extra work.

Joint tips help keep your joint together. There’s nothing worse than having your entire joint crumble when you’re ashing it. You can easily avoid mishaps like this by simply using a joint filter. Filters are made of cardboard or sturdy paper giving the base of your joint some much-needed stability.

Joint tips also give you better value for your weed. With the filter that means you are able to smoke the entire joint with all your weed. You’ll never have to deal with a roach or wasting weed every again.

If you’re worried about the extra time or effort that comes with rolling filters for your joint, just take the time to pre-roll yourself some filters and keep them close by. That way whenever you’re in the mood to smoke a joint, you have a filter there waiting for you.

What Materials to Use

The first step to making a great joint filter is gathering the perfect materials. You’re going to want to get your hands on some chemical and bleach free paper. You can usually find premium filter or tip paper in a smoke shop. You want the all-natural kind if possible.

Remember that the filter of your joint is what all of the smoke you’re breathing in passes through before it gets to you. If you use filter paper that is bleached or processed with harmful chemicals, you could be putting your health at risk by inhaling those with every hit.

If you’re in a hurry, or can’t make it to a smoke shop but you still need to make a joint filter, you can use other things besides filter paper. Try using the packaging from a cigarette carton or the cardboard that your rolling paper package is made out.

If you’re really desperate, any type of cardboard will generally do. For example, an empty toilet paper roll or a box of Wheat Thins will do. Just remember that if you get your material from anything other than natural filter paper, you risk the possibility of there being chemicals and dyes in your joint.

To Use Pre-Creased Paper or Not?

Most smoke shops sell two varieties of filter paper—creased and uncreased. Which one should you choose to make your joint filter? Well, that really just comes down to a matter of preference and experience. If you’ve been around the block a few times and generally know what you’re doing, then uncreased paper is the way to go. Uncreased paper is also a great choice if you’re looking to get fancy with your joint filters (more on different joint filter styles later on).

On the other hand, if you’re reading this article you probably don’t know that much about rolling joint filters. If that’s you, don’t worry. That’s why the weed gods make pre-creased filters. These already creased filters are made out of thicker filter paper and are the best options for novices.

Getting Started: The Basic Roll

Once you’ve got your materials all ready to go, it’s time to start rolling. What you’re going to do is take a fourth of the filter tip, or if you’ve got the creased variety up to the first pre-creased part, and fold it like an accordion fan. You know the ones you used to make in elementary school to fan yourself and pretend you were the queen of the classroom? Yeah, like that.

The next step is to take your mini fan and start rolling it into the actual filter shape. This is going to take some patience and concentration, so I hope you’re not already stoned while you’re trying to do this. Make a teeny tiny fold that you can possibly conjure and start rolling the filter from the other side, the one toward the accordion folds.

Now you’re going to roll the accordion fan folds back towards the opposite side of the filter paper. By rolling the filter in two directions you’re ensuring that the filter won’t accidentally unroll while you’re in the middle of a huge puff. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Be Creative: Smoking in Style

So now that you know how to roll a basic joint filter, it’s time to get fancy. Once you’ve practices and successfully conquered the basic filter roll, you can start experimenting with fun designs to impress all your stoner friends with.

Some of these awesome designs including the classic marijuana leaf, the anarchy “A” and the loving peace sign. There are a variety of different designs that you could choose from that vary in skill sets and experience. If you’re looking to venture out into the creative side of joint filters, we suggest starting with the classic marijuana leaf design.

To make a marijuana leaf design jointfilter... All you have to do is make seven folds onto your filter paper. Make sure that the fold length is longer in the middle and shorter on the end sides. Then, continue to make your joint filter following the basic roll instructions above.

It’s that simple to change up your joint filter designs from simple to impressive. It may take some practice and origami skills to master other designs, but with a little dedication and creativity you can come up with some pretty cool joint filters that will make your smoking experience that much better.

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