How to Make a Glass Water Bong

What Do You Need to Make a Glass Water Bong?

How to Make a Glass Water Bong

Have you ever used a bong? You might have tried these devices in coffeehouses and other facilities that allow smoking. Whether you are smoking tobacco, cannabis, or other herbs, a bong is a filtration device that can get a portion of bad things out of the substance, while preserving all benefits you might expect.

If you are interested in trying a glass water bong, the easiest way to get one is to purchase it. You can find it online or in your local stores. But did you know that you can make a bong yourself?

However, you can purchase a diamond glass bong at an affordable price, but fans of DIY projects will understand the pride felt when you make something, and then start using it. If you are willing to invest some time and effort, here is a guide on how to make a glass water bong at home.

What Do You Need to Make a Glass Water Bong?

The first thing you want to do is to choose a glass bottle. The truth any bottle will do the trick, but what would be the best choice? Experts recommend using a bottle that has a broad base and a long neck. The reason for that is that it will be easier to work with that bottle during the process of making a bong.

You will also need a drill bit so that you can make a hole in the glass. Consider using diamond drill bits with a ¾-inch diameter. They are not expensive, and you should be able to get them for around $10.

The next item you will need is a glass bowl that is around 14mm thick. It would help if you also acquired a downstem, but make sure that it is of adequate length. Calculate the distance from the upper curve of your bottle’s body to the base on the opposite side. That is the largest downstem length that you should get. Finally, make sure to acquire a rubber grommet with that has a ¾-inch groove, ½-inch inner diameter, and 31/32-inch outside diameter.

To sum up, these are the things you will need:

A glass bottle

A drill and an adequate drill bit

A glass bowl, downstem, and rubber grommet

Step by Step Guide to Making a Glass Water Bong

Start by cleaning the bottle thoroughly. Use warm water and mild soap if necessary. However, make sure to rinse everything out properly. Additionally, a warm bottle will warm up the glass to ensure effortless drilling.

Clear up the sink area as that’s where you will do the drilling part. Wipe the bottle with a cloth, and use a marker to specify the drilling spot. Try to look for a spot that will be as flat as possible.

Grab your drill and attach the bit to it. Don’t forget to use safety goggles because you will be drilling glass. Due to the presence of water, choose a drill that runs on batteries.

Place the bottle under the tap and run warm water from the faucet. The stream should cover the spot, but still ensure that you can see it clearly.

Hold the bottle with one hand, and use the other to drill a hole. If you have experience in using the drill, drilling a hole shouldn’t be a problem.

Once done, smooth the edges and remove any excess glass around the bottle to avoid cuts and injuries. Use warm water to carefully rinse the bottle until there are no glass bits left. That is crucial because you don’t want to risk inhaling glass!

Grab the grommet and insert it through the hole. Grab the downstem, run water over it, and insert it into the grommet. Add the bowl to the stem, and you’ve got your homemade glass water bong ready!

How to Use a Homemade Glass Water Bong

The first thing is to fill the bong with water and submerge the downstem. Now, use your preferred cannabis strain to fill the bowl. Use the mouthpiece to inhale after lighting the cannabis. You will know that it’s working because the device will make bubbly sounds.

Why Choose a Glass Bong?

Glass bongs are of high-quality, and they won’t affect the taste or effects of the cannabis you consume. However, it is a major risk to drop a glass bong since the chances are it will break.

Despite that, glass is the best material for your bong. The alternatives include silicone and ceramics. However, silicon might cause a plastic taste that’s unpleasant for the users. Ceramics, on the other side, can produce clean taste, but those bongs don’t look attractive.

Regardless of the bong material, it is important to take safety measures when using it. For starters, make sure to change the water after each use. Otherwise, you risk bacteria to build-up, and that is a health hazard.

Additionally, if you use a water bong too often and too long, you risk high blood pressure and elevated heart rate. According to a report published by Tobacco Control, bronchitis is among the side effects of chronic waterpipe use.

Is It Better to Make or Buy a Glass Water Bong?

A DIY bong might be a bit cheaper than purchasing a professionally designed unit. However, the difference is not that big. The cost can be from $10 to more than $30, especially if you don’t have a drill and other materials.

You can choose between various designs and colors to ensure they match your preferences. Additionally, you can rest assured there is no danger of inhaling glass, which can be a serious health problem. And we don’t even want to mention the time and effort you need to invest in making a bong.

Purchasing a glass water bong is a better option than making one. You should only consider a DIY waterpipe if making it feels like a challenge. But if you want to maximize the durability and experience of using a bong, purchasing the item is the right choice.

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