Hemp Flower Butter Recipe

How to make butter from your hemp flower or using an oil or isolate for easier production

Hemp Flower Butter Recipe
Classic Hemp Butter

Needed: (crock-pot, butter, strainer, dried herb, and mold for butter)

To be clear, this post is about making a hemp butter for cooking and not WEED BUTTER. This method was passed down to me from a veteran in the field but for all intents and purposes this is not to be used to make anything illegal. There's also much easier ways to make great CBD enhanced food products; terpenes and CBD are sold all in isolated forms, making it a much easier process to make something completely tailored to your needs.

In place of dried herb you can use a prepared CBD product. This will erase a lot of these steps and your dosage will be more accurate as determining the amount of CBD in a hemp flower is based on tests done to the flower. Prepared CBD products are rigorously tested and serving sizes are routinely checked for quality control. If you're using an oil or isolate, you can just add it to the melted butter and stir and mold it for sticks of butter that are dose accurate.

Start off with 1 pound of the best unsalted butter you’ve loved since a child.

One ounce of the finest CBD hemp flower in the market today. There's lots of strains so do some research to find the strain that will help alleviate your symptoms.

Take your crock-pot and set it on the lowest setting, for the full 8-hour method. If you're on a time crunch, just go to slightly below medium for 6 hours, but I wouldn't go any lower on time because it needs that time to get all the goodies out.

Melt your butter all the way down and add 1 cup of water to the mix to keep the temp below boiling. It keeps your CBD/CBDG/THC/ETC from degrading by never allowing the butter to go above the water's temperature and that should be simmering not boiling.

Add desired amount of dried herb into your mixture. An ounce of dried herb contains 28,000 mg if dried properly. With a hemp flower rate of 15% CBD, an entire ounce would give you approximately 4,200 mg in your butter, which is around 1,000 mg per stick.

If finding the right amount of CBD is hard, you can opt to use either a CBD Isolate for exactly 1,000mg per gram or use a tincture you trust for accurate dosing. This however will change the entirety of this process. You will only have to allow the butter to melt down on a stove, preferably gas and not infrared, add the CBD stir and then pour it into a mold. Continuing on with use of hemp flower below.

Put the lid on and let your butter cook for 6-8 hours on the lowest setting on the crock pot. Remember to stir your butter to prevent sticking.

When you make hemp butter, never leave your butter unattended because there is a risk of fire.

Let your hemp butter chill slightly because hot oils can give horrible burns.

You can use any strainer, but I use hemp bags so I can really squeeze the liquid through and separate the plant material from the liquid.

Strain into desired container and let cool in fridge for 1-2 hours.

After you remove the butter from the fridge you will notice a change. The butter will have settled at the top of the water in the mixture. Take the block and flip it upside down and wipe off unneeded waxes gathered during cooling.

When melting the butter down for your butter mold, remember to NEVER USE A MICROWAVE! Microwaves destroy all properties that are good in your freshly made hemp butter! Infrared burners destroy all Vitamin B, so use a double boil method if you have an infrared stove top.

Add to any dish; my personal favorite is just some toast eggs and a cup of joe!

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