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Grow Creativity At Your Workspace

What Creativity Can Be

By ThilakrajPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
Grow Creativity At Your Workspace
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Creativity Requires a balance among Synthetic, Analytic and Practical abilities, because Creative Ideas are both Novel and valuable. It is based on minimum inspiration and Maximum Perspiration

Promote Creativity in Your Organization

A Strict Administration in an Office Sometimes Will Not Nourish Creativity in an Individual. Also, managing creativity of the employees can be a difficult task in any organization, so please be Liberal in Recognizing the creative people whether they are working in your organization or outside.

For the Better Creative Team:

  • Allow Your Subordinates to try out an idea without any Command From Your End. Always Remember that Command will not produce creative activities, also Creativity Cannot thrive under Controlled conditions.
  • Allow and take your subordinate to the management for the informal interactions with the superiors. because creative Subordinate/employee would prefer Recognition as their Greatest Reward.
  • To manage a Creative Team One would be required to do fine balancing act between giving his subordinate freedom & Making process Discipline.
  • Encourage and Work along with the People who might have partly developed an idea that leads to good result.
  • Allow Few Members of your staff to devote Regularly their Energy and time In bringing New Ideas.
  • Discussions can also leads trigger New ideas, so it is good to conduct at Regular intervals.
  • Both Competition and Development will make it Necessary to identify and exploit creative employees.
  • Depute your Team to attend programmes, seminars or gain experience in training centers which enrich their knowledge.
  • Boost Creativity In Your-Self

    We did Discuss About making your Own Creativity Squad(team), But What about our Self Creativity Component, as a Head of a Creative team you will have to develop your skills Quickly, evaluating ideas and Providing Feed back. I will Share you Some Ways which I Learned through my own experience to develop creativity in myself.

    • Always Carry a Notebook & Pen With you to Note down Your ideas, because Ideas Develops at anywhere, anytime or anything.
    • Adopt the Habit, Routines & Practices of Successful Leaders in your Field/industry, Also Grasp their act of spontaneity in Decision Makings.
    • Have a creative Interaction with your Customers, sometimes their Needs may be Seeds for your Problem.
    • Also Know the Environment Which is Conducive to Your Creativity.
    • Always find ways and means for unpredictable and uncertain things to your advantage.
    • A Creative person will not exhibit authority and will be simple in appearance ,also you must have independent judgement.
    • Always Be liberal in supplying ideas to others who need it.
    • Be enthusiastic always about things you do on want to do.
    • Be interested in what is new and observe what already exists in the outside world. so being creative , then is a matter of going out, exploring, finding something new and bringing it to be used.
    • Develop the Listening skills which will help to store up knowledge and leads to stepping stone to climb up in the ladder of creativity,
    • Convert Ideas Into Action:

      Ideas or Statistics which are collected and stored in a Databank are Useless; unless they are evaluated and implemented at the right time in the right direction and in the right manner.

      Logical Methods may not always be the best answer to a problem so give a try to employ your ideas to get the Result. sometimes New Ideas May or May not give a positive Result in the end.

      Change Sometimes can be Risky, But there is no Harm in undertaking a Risk for Better result, Because the Delayed Changes may be result of bad ideas, so it is better to have a wrong plan rather than No plan.

      Consider Failure as a part of the job while attempting a Project.

      Creativity Doesn't get immediate Gratification, So Live By your Values, Humility may be creativity in your side.

      Let Creativity Prevail....

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