Going over a Few Misconceptions About Medical Marijuana

Even though legalization is great, we need to point out a few pressing issues.

Going over a Few Misconceptions About Medical Marijuana

You’ve probably seen endless blog posts promoting the benefits of medical marijuana, cannabis extracts, and overwhelmingly positive news articles. While I am a huge fan of cannabis legalization and normalization within society, we have to face the fact that we still live in a world with societal issues.

Let me go over a few problems that should be highlighted in regards to medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is a cure for anything

While marijuana hemp can treat a wide spectrum of ailments and symptoms, it is not a cure-all that marketing companies are making it out to be.

The truth is that the scientific evidence for the majority of health claims is quite thin, and is outweighed by anecdotal evidence.

There are indeed legitimate medical uses prescribed from a doctor, which may include:

• Appetite stimulation for cancer patients

• Reducing the severity of seizures for epileptics

• Treating nausea

• A potential treatment for brain injuries

• Reducing inflammation

Aside from that, it’s a matter of self-experimentation when you go off of advice from blogs. If that’s the case, you may be better off with CBD oil, or hemp-derived products that are available over the counter.

State Law over Federal Law

The supremacy clause (Article VI of the Constitution) is what allows federal and state governments to contest laws over medical marijuana, among other issues. By default, the federal government should win in a disagreement, and they usually do in the case of medical marijuana.

A legal medical marijuana dispensary may have to defend itself legally from the DEA, and it had happened even under the Obama administration.

Even cities like Los Angeles had their fair share of federal raids over medical marijuana. This is why any dispensary should have an expert lawyer on-hand.

The existence of legalized marijuana, whether recreational or medical, ultimately depends on the benevolence of the Federal government and how they want to enforce federal law.

If you wish change to be made, we need to influence federal law makers rather than just at the state or local level. This will assure that dispensaries can remain open without fear of uncertainty.

Legal Cannabis Will Increase Addiction

Common sense dictates that once people get starting using marijuana or hemp that they will move onto other drugs. Well, according to a report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the majority of people who use cannabis won’t go onto other illicit substances. This may be particularly true for those taking cannabis as prescribed by their doctor rather than for recreation.

As a positive, there is speculation that it can be used to help with the symptoms of opioid withdrawals. Of course, there needs to be more research in that regard, but things are looking positive.

Cannabis has few side effects

It’s probably true that the past stereotypes of cannabis have been exaggerated to a great degree, but that doesn’t mean using medical cannabis is free from side-effects. Even other plant-based medicinal herbs have side effects!

For starters, the THC in medical marijuana can exacerbate the mental health in those with pre-existing conditions. This especially includes enhancing anxiety, depression, and even schizophrenia. This is why THC-free treatments are on the rise to avoid such symptoms.

The act of smoking, as opposed to vaping or using extracts, is also highly advisable to avoid. The act of smoking most substances, let alone cannabis, will cause immediate lung irritation and inflammation. It also increases the chance of cancer, albeit somewhat less than smoking tobacco.

If you are ever prescribed medical marijuana, you should take it at the advice of your doctor, and avoid taking more than his recommended dosage. As the science around cannabis continues to grow and become more open, you should approach it with caution until things are more scientifically clear.

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