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Get an insight on the differences between Hookah and Vaping

by Smoke Fun 4 months ago in product review

A how-to basic hookah education

coal burners

Most smoking enthusiasts often wonder and have questions in their mind about the usage and concept of vaping. Though, it is considered one of the vital parts of smoking, just like hookah. Cigarettes, hookah, and vapes are all essential parts of smoking. But over the last years, vaping has become one of the most common alternative smoking methods available. However, research says that cigarettes and hookah are the most common and readily available smoking methods. Thus, people are often getting enthusiastic about these two segments.

A hookah is complete with all the essential ingredients, from coal burners to beautiful bowls. But several things are related to the hookah, and as a hookah enthusiast, you must know about the facts. In today's article, we will discuss a unique subject that helps you to understand the concept.

Hookah vs. Vape – the unique subject to explore

Over the last few years, we have witnessed that hookah gets renowned for its outstanding contribution to the smoking culture. Hookah is one of the brightest and most exciting parts of smoking. People worldwide accepted hookah as the most remarkable invention and substitute for smoking cigarettes; even people refer to hookah more than smoking. But vaping – has been gaining much popularity and has become one of the most common alternative methods that are available for smoking purposes. So, automatically, the question has been raised among smokers vaping similar to hookah smoking!

We will focus on the insight and take a look at the similarities and differences to get an idea of this specific subject. Take a look and decide which would suit you and work best for you.

Hooking with Hookah – What is it?

The most prominent and interesting part has become the trendiest party segment worldwide. The hookah – without a doubt, is the most unique and exciting smoking pastime. This hookah is a water pipe that is used for smoking shisha tobacco. The hookah has been recognized as a different name worldwide. The crazy factors of hookah and the insane love for this segment make hookah more renowned and famous.

Hookahs come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. But it carries the basic parts and functionality that remain the same across all the hookahs. Several fun facts exist on hookah, and it's always better and pretentiously entertaining to know facts about hookahs and hookah smoking. But there is a twist; a hookah owner needs to put in great effort and patience to make a hookah session memorable and relaxing.

Hookah has several important ingredients that make the hookah complete. These ingredients include Hookah Bowl, base, shisha, tobacco flavors, coal burners, hose, pipes, and other small parts that fulfill hookah's needs and help you establish a great hookah session. Among these, tobacco flavors and coal burner play an integral role in hookah smoking. When you smoke a hookah, you will realize that your smoke consists of much efforts inhaling the tobacco itself generated at the top of your hookah in the hookah bowl, pass down through the hookah stem into the base where it is filtered through water, and then passes back up through hose that you are inhaling on.

Hookah setup is quite challenging, but it's not impossible. If you are an ardent fan of hookah and love to explore the various possibilities, you should go through deep down research on hookah-making techniques. Following the proper guidance and exact procedure can make your session easy and comfortable. If you properly execute a good session, it can offer you a relaxing and cool experience that you can enjoy with your hookah buddies.

Hookah contains an ancient and long history across the globe, and as a result, many different hookahs are existing worldwide. The hookah has been serving itself as an entertaining purpose for a long decade.

Hookah Parts and Vocabulary

A hookah generally consists of

  • Hookah Bowl
  • Charcoal Tray or Plate
  • Hookah Shaft that includes

Other things are involved:

  • Hose Adapter
  • Purge Valve
  • Hookah Hose
  • Hookah Base

A glance at the Shisha – the foremost part of the hookah

Shisha is one of the essential elements of hookah making procedure. Your hookah shisha will be completely incomplete without shisha or tobacco. Shisha tobacco generally differs from dry cigarette tobacco and can be produced in a combination of glycerin, molasses or honey, and different flavors. Shisha is generally wet tobacco. The ingredients make the shisha more robust and compact. The flavoring ingredients that are used to prepare the shisha to execute a great output. There are several tobacco flavors that exist that are great to make thick smoke, whereas others sometimes fail to produce that.

There are particular flavors available that deeply indulge into the prime features to make it more robust and fruitful for hookah smokers.

The visuality of vaping

Where hookah is a general method of smoking, vaping has also got the craze to the smokers. Vaping gets quite famous among smokers. Vaping is getting a response because of its portability and user-friendliness. In comparison, hookah involves many ingredients, such as coal burner, charcoal, bowl, base, liquids, tobacco, and many more things; vaping needs minimum requirements. Vaping only involves a vaping device that heats the liquid tobacco or e-liquid or vape juice. That's it – you are all set to vape! No additional ingredients are needed.

Vaping has been gaining popularity since its introduction. Multiple styles of vape devices exist: e-pen, vape pen, e-hookah, much mod, box mod, and many more.

Like hookah, vaping devices also engage several sizes; the size differs from small pen size to larger box-shaped hand-held devices. Some vapors even carry electronic bowls or heads like hookahs that are filled with vape juice. If you want to be a vapor person, you need to remember no such specific restrictions on filling the electronic bowl.

But vape juices that are needed to be full in the vape bowl vary from brand to brand. Most e-liquids are consist of several ingredients, and these have been considered the most common:

Vegetable Glycerin: This sounds quite odd! However, VG is made from authentic vegetable oil such as coconut oil and soybean oil, etc. Thus, it is pretty similar to propylene glycol as the carrier of the flavoring ingredients present in e-liquid.

Propylene Glycol: PG is the odorless and tasteless alcohol most commonly used in a vaping system.

Nicotine: This segment is probably omitted in most vapor cases. As e-liquids may or may not contain nicotine as hookah or cigarettes, it merely concentrates on implementing the nicotine ratio, and that comes as 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg to 32mg.

Flavoring: Last but not least, flavoring depends on the specific choices as most e-liquid manufacturers do not list their flavoring ingredients. To them, it has been viewed as proprietary recipes. This is difficult as to get the exact flavor you need to contact the manufacturer directly to fulfill your wish!

Hookah and Vaping – Enlightenment on similarities and differences

First and foremost, you need to remember that while inhaling hookah or vaping e-liquids, you are actually implementing a small amount of injury into your body. When you are adopting a new thing, you have to be a little adjusted to the body; similarly, when you are into smoking hookah or vaping – your body is inhaling a completely new material into your body, but remember, you can not do the same thing at the same time. That would be the ultimate unhealthy way. Although neither smoking nor vaping is healthy altogether, if you are addicted to it, try to stick with one method. Before taking part in a smoking procedure, make sure that your body is quite adjustable to both risks.

When it comes to similarity, vaping and smoking hookah do not overlap basically. Electronic vaping devices involve wireless E-Head, which are filled with e liquids and then attached to a hookah to filter. However, the smoking methods of vaping and hookah distinct the differences of each style and culture. But talking about differences, hookah filters do have the bridge to fill the gap, whereas vaping doesn't have the facility.

Hookah is more popular than vaping as people like the style and craze. Even millions of hookah bars and lounges are mushrooming worldwide, which is the most outstanding example of hookah popularity. Hookah got the craze, especially because of the style statement. The looks of the hookah are killing, and when you use it for the party purpose, it increases the style statement of the whole function. Moreover, hookah is perfect for a get-together with your buddies and acquaintances. On the other hand, you merely find the craze for vaping. At the same time, there is also a growing online community where vaping enthusiasts share information and devices to make the system more popular than other smoking methods. Also, several vaping conventions existed where enthusiasts could show their customized vaping devices. Vaping is a very restricted form of use. And it is more like a personal use to relax. You can't do a vape party, whereas hookah can be enjoyed in a group. Also, there is plenty of tobacco flavor and flavor blending options are available to enjoy the seasonal hookah party.

Wrapping Up

Well, I guess as you now have gained a lot of information about vaping and hookah smoking, you will easily choose your favorite smoking method. The only thing you have to consider is that vaping is a more straightforward process than hookah as hookah needs a lot of ingredients, from arranging coal burners to hookah bowls – everything you need to execute a complete hookah session. Whereas vaping is a shorter process but more like a personal thing. Now, you have to decide you want to enjoy a session or opt for a 'me' time! After all, the choice is yours!

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