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by Smoke Fun 2 months ago in product review

Greatest ways of hookah


Hookah is an ingenious part of smoking, whenever you find a hookah session, you feel glad, a true hookah enthusiast always admires the way of several hookah sessions. Thus, this is a great way to invent many features of the instrument. Today without wasting your time and writing a long introduction we will jump into the greatest possibilities of hookah including the exploration of one of the greatest tobacco flavors and that is zomo. Today, you will find our article is a little bit unique.

We will enlighten on the basic parts of hookah that have been treated always special and crucial elements and without these we can’t survive the greatest hookah session, so let’s start with the

Hookah Pipes

Your landing on this page clearly means that you are a hookah smoker. You probably have a complete idea about the availability of hookah pipes in a range of shapes and sizes. However, most of the shisha pipes fall under two major categories, which are modern hookah pipes and traditional hookah pipes. If you are planning to bring zomo, you can choose any type of hose. Hookah pipe is something that has been considered a very crucial segment in hookah set up. Without hookah pipes you can’t even think of blowing smoke and enjoying the session.

Traditional Hookah pipes:

Some people love the traditional hookah pipes, especially the older people, they have a specific fascination over these products. Just as the name goes, the traditional hookah pipes have their existence for a long time now, and this is probably the ancient way to smoke shisha along with the several designs. They have their own cultural origins along with being created from some materials.

Zomo is also the appropriate tobacco flavor for traditional hookah pipes. Even when we will focus mainly on the differences in design between modern and traditional hookahs, people who have an interest in knowing more about shisha can continue reading this blog.

Traditional shisha pipes are again categorized by the name of the region or country where these were originated and the prime one is the Egyptian shisha pipes, Turkish nargileh, and Syrian argileh.

Egyptian Shisha Pipes:

Now, this one has serious craze. These are one of the most common varieties of traditional Hookah pipes. The Egyptian shisha pipes have a lot more to do and effect on people, smokers worldwide are literally fond of the pipes. Probably if you have been to the hookah lounges, you have heard of these names several times. When they say about the Egyptian shisha pipes, it is simply a synonym of quality and probably one of the favs among the experienced smokers.

The Egyptian hookahs are either available in a ceramic vase or the hand-painted glass with metal hoses coiled with the leather exterior. The stem is made of metal which is made from copper or brass and has this tendency to get cracks and rust with welded joints.

Syrian Argileh:

You must be knowing that getting a proper Syrian argileh in the modern world is a challenge and mostly they are mistaken with the Egyptian one. The significant difference between the two is that the Syrian Hookahs are designed in a way to fit with the male hookah bowls and the Egyptians are better with the “female” hookah bowls.

Even when both of these require frequent cleaning, the deciding factor remains the one that produces intense flavors. Most of the Syrian shisha pipes feature the cast brass vase with the fantastic engravings made on its exterior.

Turkish nargileh:

These are traditional hookah pipes known as “no frills.” These come with fewer individual components along with do not have the engravings and decorations compared to the classic shisha designs. But like most, don't get fooled by the designs as these are also designed in a way to attach with the male shisha bowls.

A hookah is made of and completed with various essential products. From choosing hookah hoses, flavors to hookah charcoals – everything should be unique and outstanding for preparing a session. Thus, you will be satisfied that your hookah session is going to be great. Of course, you want your hookah chapter with your friends to be something prestigious and rewarding. You need to opt to go more along the lines of products that eventually tend to be overlooked, and as a result, you might face a bland session. If you are fond of choosing a great tobacco flavor, make sure you are concentrating on zomo.

Purchasing hookah ingredients from an online retailer or local establishment, you need to be careful all the time.

Here is a list of all the necessary items that you need to concentrate on when you are selecting such ingredients. This list also includes some unique items that are helpful in executing a standard session.

Hookah Tongs

"While surely any pair of tongs will suffice for a session, having a reliable pair is a godsend."

Are you feeling sufficient about choosing your ingredients? It's time to rethink. Some extraordinary and talented components are still remaining to consider as the most incredible survivors; one of them is tongs.

Hookah tongs will be there to save you from a greatest disaster. Tongs are the masterpieces that ensure a great benefit and saves from mishaps. Whatever you have, extraordinary, ordinary, cheap, or expensive – every hookah needs some essential elements that make a hookah session complete and adequate. Tongs are basically used to hold the charcoal, and this is a great element as it saves your hand from burning.

If you have tongs in your collection, you can control your charcoal and Heat Management Device or HMD. Tongs are generally responsive and are made with much more care whatever you are using the device for.

zomo tobacco

Tongs are usually a life saviour, without this practical element you can’t even think of lightening the coals, and your session gets unfulfilled.

When your goal gets burnt, it is impossible and risky to flip it upside down or to remove it from the tray. Thus, tongs are exceptionally helpful to do anything with burnt coal. So, forget your old methods and opt-out for some greatest hookah inventions.

Choosing a standard flavor for the ultimate preparation: Choose ZOMO

There are a lot more tobacco flavors available in the market, one of the greatest zomo has the capacity to nail down the tobacco world. Some tobaccos are made to astonish and amaze the smokers. Now this one is among the ‘Some tobaccos’ that are great to make thick smoke, whereas others sometimes fail to produce that. Zomo is the flavor that deeply indulges into the prime features to make it more robust and fruitful for hookah smokers.

Zomo has rightfully some outstanding ingredients that are perfect to make the product premium. We have seen many tobacco flavors that have craze worldwide but this particular flavor has something extraordinary. Zomo tobacco flavors work best to create a great smoke that you could enjoy till the end of your session! However, hookah bases work as an integral part of creating dense smoke. Some people compromise on choosing a small hookah base just for the portability and convenience. Hookah smoke is better than others.

Zomo is the classic brand that offers you the ultimate and effective hookah session. Also, this brand profoundly indulges in the reliable mechanism that produces individuality. If you are a dedicated hookah smoker, you need the best from the rest, and no other than zomo tobacco can give you the perfect smoking session just like you wanted! The best part of sitting together on a beautiful evening and enjoying an extraordinary session of hookah. If you choose some devastated flavors and expect a wanderlust session, then be prepared to witness some bitter experience! So, a good hookah session is dependent on your excellent deliveries as well as selecting a classic tobacco flavor, and zomo tobacco will never let you down!

Hookah Bag – the ultimate friend to assist your journey

Well this one is for sure you will love! If you are a travel freak and love to explore the destinations and also you have an intense love for hookah the hookah bag is a necessary and crucial item for you. This is a ‘must have’ for you and you can indulge into the satisfaction to use it, Fumari has some outstanding hookah bag that looks ravishing, smart and handsome, and easy to carry. You can easily take your hookah wherever you want to! Hookah bag is very famous and favorite especially to the solo travellers.

zomo tobacco flavors

If you ask your grandfathers or even your papa about the hookah bag, they know about it! They will give you such a unique expression that you can't even imagine. But yes, that's true. A few years ago, hookah was not compatible enough to carry for travel purposes. This has become easy as renowned tobacco specialists have invented hookah bags that carry your hookah in different places without worry. Since hookah is a special event, you can bring it for all the special purposes.

If you are a travel enthusiast and love your hookah, you must have a particular desire to take your hookah along with you. Thus, a hookah bag is essential to carry all things needed for a proper session outside of your home, especially when you begin your voyage to an unexplored destination and going to enjoy beach holidays. A great friend, a sea beach, a starry evening and a hookah - what do you need more? If you have a good and quality hookah bad along with you, then your desire is fulfilled and completed, you will be on cloud 9! If you use a Fumari hookah bag it also can come with several zippers and pockets to carry tongs, nozzles, charcoals, poker, HMD and there are special compartments to even carry the shisha tobaccos like zomo. It looks like a natural bag pack, so that you don’t have to face any random consequences for carrying hookah. Isn’t it wonderful?

Here is a secret list specially made for you if you are a travel lover! These zomo flavors are a must-have for holiday destination

The renowned World Flavors collection from Zomo offer some exotic flavors like:

  • Ibiza Sensations
  • Miami Nights
  • Mystery of Bali
  • Secret of Babylon

From Classic Flavors:

  • Banana Cinnamon
  • Blueberry
  • Blueberry Mint
  • Cinnamon Gum

Final Thoughts

I’m sure that you have gained some extra knowledge on different segments related to the hookah tobacco flavors, especially zomo and other possibilities. Hope you are happy to accumulate such crucial information that will help you to execute a great hookah session ahead! And will also help to offer the other hookah beginners as well.

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