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Frequently Asked Marijuana Questions

I fashion myself more of a cannabis connoisseur than a marijuana advice column, but I am happy to answer the constant stream of questions.

Frequently Asked Marijuana Questions

Potent media sends me all the inbound emails to Potent asking for cannabis guidance. I fashion myself more of a cannabis connoisseur then a marijuana advice column, but I am happy to answer the constant stream of questions. Every smoker should get a ganjacation. Cannabis is a lifestyle, and knowledge is a powerful thing.

How Long to Toke

Q: How long should one hold down a toke to maximize amount of THC in the smoke?

A: When the smoke comes in contact with the respiratory mucous membrane of the lungs, the absorption of the active principle is very efficient. However, tests show that less than half of the available THC will enter the bloodstream, as opposed to 90-100 percent if you eat it. The advantage to smoking marijuana is that you can regulate the desired level of intoxication, because you quickly recognize the effects. More than five to 10 seconds is not necessary.

Smoking With Mom

Q: My mother is over 50, and claims to have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). She is very nervous and can't seem to relax. Would marijuana hurt her?

A: Recent studies show that smoking marijuana produces little or no change in blood sugar levels. Without knowing your mother’s exact medical history and present condition, it would be improper to give one a definite answer about the advisability of marijuana for their mom. Marijuana is not for everyone. Neither is alcohol, tobacco or coffee. Your Sweet mother does not seen adventurous from the information you gave us, so we advise not to cajole her.

Q. What exactly is the process for removing oil or resin from hash?

A. The high vacuum distillate method of oil extraction is beyond the scope of a short discussion. "Ever since marijuana was first discovered, cultivated, and ingested a few thousand years ago, people have strived to find stronger and more concentrated forms of the drug. Hash is one such potent preparation, but an even more concentrated form of the THC-containing resin found in marijuana is hash oil. Extract it."

Growing in the Basement

Q: I've been growing sinsemilla in my basement under a light, but I find that when its ready for sale, most buyers are skeptical because of its green color. What's the best way to cure pot to a rich gold or brown?

A: Some of the best marijuana in the world is green Hawaiian, and some Thai strains, for example. Remember that color is only one indicator of quality and should not be the sole basis for judgment. Cannabis grown under artificial lights is notoriously green, but this is not important if your plants originated from high quality seed stock. If the bright green color really offends you, try subjecting your plants to a sunlamp for two weeks before your harvest, and don't water or feed the plants during this period. To obtain the best texture, cure the plants slowly for two to four weeks in an airtight jar. Open the lid daily to check for mildew.

Q. Why does mold grow on marijuana? What is it and what can I do about it?

A. The fuzzy, white mold that grows on cannabis is commonly called mildew. It is a fungus that attacks plants and other organic matter where it is damp. To prevent mildew from infesting your stash requires diligent maintenance of your weed and your storage facilities. If the fungus has already assailed your smoke, take it out of the container and spread it on newspapers in a dark ventilated area for a couple of days, or until it resumes the consistency of tobacco. Restore your stash in sealed containers and check it periodically with your nose. Mildew smells distinctly acrid like ammonia.

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