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Frankincense & Lavender

by Majique MiMi 4 months ago in literature
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A Soothing Story 22

Frankincense & Lavender
Photo by Laura Baker on Unsplash

Fair to midlin.

That phrase always struck Sandy funny until she experienced the day she was currently experiencing.

A fair to midlin day.

The ground was saturated to the point it was becoming sloshy. Case in point the previous evening when Minnie had her respite, Sandy didn’t bother to put on her actual walking shoes; she just slid on her slippers.

She realized her mistake right away when she went to take a step and the ground was so saturated that it sucked her slipper right off her foot.

Luckily, Minnie wasn’t too wriggly and fiesty that day, because Sandy was able to get her slipper back on before her bare foot touched the mud. It just seemed like the rainy season was a heavy, grey cloak that drapes over one’s soul. And that’s how Sandy felt.


It wasn’t the Holy Trinity of Heavy, ya know: Mind, Body & Spirit; because for the most part her mind and spirit were okay. It was that damn body of hers she feels slowly wearin out each day.

Combine a worn body walkin in mild but humid weather and that’s what Sandy felt like. Just plain…ick.and heavy. The air was just thick even with the breeze a Spring rain usually brings.

Not even that breeze was sharp enough to cut through the heaviness in the air. And it was weighing on Sandy.

So despite the nonchalant breakfast order/invitation from Cedric also cloaking the thick Spring air, Sandy decided once Minnie’s business was done, she was fittin to go back into the Bungalow, take a shower, then a much needed nap.

If she felt better afterwards, then maybe she’d head out to the market to get some fruit & cheese & other things cuz it would be lunchtime ,no doubt, before she got herself ready to head on over there to Cedric’s.

She thought about callin on down there and lettin him know what her plans were, but decided against it, because lately she’s been noticin, she don’t like to have plans. If she didn’t have plans, she could come and go as she pleased. Eat when she wanted. Shower when she wanted. Sleep or stay up all night if she wanted. The only time she would allow another being to tell her what to do or how to dictate her coming and going was when MsMinnieDaMoocherMinPin had to take care of any type of business. Don’t let the cute fur-face fool ya. Minnie down there sniffing the fallen leaves owned Sandy.

Then she got stiff as a board and refused to move causing Sandy to trip on her own footing a little bit. After she steadied herself, Sandy pulled at Minnie’s leash, but Minnie was still standing there stiff. But then Sandy, slowed her breathing a lil and listened closely. She could hear a very low, long growl. It was so low and long, Sandy would have gladly sworn on a stack of Bibles that the ground vibrated and her root chakra was aligned. But, in this particular instance, it just made Sandy curious as to what in the good Lord’s name Minnie was growling at. So she bent her knees slightly and squinted into the dark shadows of the woods. It wasn’t until the shadow split apart and walked off in different directions while the other part shook its head, that Sandy realized she was staring straight at a herd of deer.

And she just stood there with her mouth wide open unable to scream. So it was a good thing that low, long growl Minnie was makin turned into a bark that startled the deer away, cuz Sandy was in no mood to fuss with the wildlife round these parts…

***Hazelnut cream cappuccino with caramel syrup & hazelnut cream with Clementine 🌱💨


About the author

Majique MiMi

You can call me MiMi. I’m a Brain Aneurysm & Stroke Survivor & Former English Professor. I write to stay sane and to keep gratitude in my Spirit & Praises in my mouth.

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