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Frankincense & Lavender

by Majique MiMi 2 months ago in fact or fiction
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A Soothing Story 18

Frankincense & Lavender
Photo by Laura Baker on Unsplash

Sandy should have ran to the mirror in the bathroom and took a gander at the expression on her face so that she could get a clue about the emotion she was living at that moment.

Did that man just kiss me on my head like he was my Daddy …

and leave?

Sandy looked around the bungalow and immediately started straightening up. Not that there was much to take care of, just the cans and plates needed to be put in the garbage and the stray ashes around the ashtray needed to be wiped away.

Then she would run the dishwasher before taking a long, hot bath to contemplate what she was gonna do for the rest of the evening.

She already missed one of her favorite shows entering the company of a man who…

…left the rest of the weed in the ashtray.

Sandy’s eyes widened and she quickened her pace around the bungalow. Delicately she moved the amethyst ashtray with about half of a cone full of Cookie Face into her bathroom and put it on the far corner of the vanity furthest away from the faucet.

Then she pushed the shower curtain aside, put the stopper in the drain, and began running the water for her bath. She then found some bath oils and poured them into the tub.

She then puttered into her bedroom and went into the left nightstand and took out a small wooden box and brought it back into the bathroom with her. Sitting down on the closed potty she placed the box in her lap and delicately lifted the small, metal latch with her pinky nail, then gently let the lid fall back against her bosom.

With her free hand, Sandy carefully removed some crystal candle sticker, candles, incense of various types, and a couple of sentimental crystals and pieces of sea glass, and let them gently slide their way into the empty sink. Then she got up and started garnishing the ledge of her large tub. Then she let the water fill about three-fourths of the way up before dropping her favorite scented bath bomb into the water.

As Sandy let her bath fizz and sparkle, she was already disrobing, so when she heard her cell phone ring, she sighed and let her head fall all the way back before she trotted back into her bedroom to get the cell phone that she just casually left in her pocket.

And by the time she got to it, of course it had stopped ringing; so she didn’t even look at it when she took it out of her sweater and brought it back with her into the bathroom.

Sandy was about to place the cell in a wicker basket that was on the middle shelf on an over the toilette shelving unit, when it barked.


Never you mind why Sandy assigned Cedric a ringtone. And she ain’t fittin to tell you why she assigned a rabid dog bark as Cedric’s ringtone in the first place. But the fact that the man called her the minute she was gettin ready to get in the tub and smoke what was left of his weed, was a sign.

But of what, she didn’t know.

Frowning, she pressed the screen of her phone to answer the call,

“Good Evening?” She answered in a confused tone.

“Oh don’t act like you dunno who this is and why I’m callin…”

There was a long uncomfortable lull of silence as Sandy was trying to form any kind of response from her slightly agape mouth.

“Shut your mouth before you suck all the air out the room and then Minnie gets to actin a monkey, and we don’t want her runnin away again, cuz with my knees actin up I can’t promise I’ll catch her, or even you I reckon.”

Sandy giggled, bringing relief upon both Cedric and Sandy.

“If I were you, I’d fill up your tub and light the rest of that cone there, finish it, get chu some good sleep, and if the Lord is willin, you can come over for home fries in the Mawnin”

fact or fiction

About the author

Majique MiMi

When I worked in a call center , I used 2 write short soap operas & email them 2 my co-workers. I turned some of these soaps into books. Also I can turn the most tragic situations into hilarious stories. I honestly CAN’T make some stuff up

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