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Flo Medical Marijuana Strain Review

by RJ about a year ago in strains

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Flo pictured

Flo is the love child of Afghani and Purple Thai. It is a sixty percent stavia leaning hybrid said to help treat anxiety, stress, depression, and fatigue. I picked some up for myself and am here to give my modest opinion as an average consumer. For simplicity's sake, I will break my review down into categories listing their success on a scale from one to ten.

Flo overall:

Appearance: 7

Aroma: 8

Taste: 7

Effect: 8

By Wesley Gibbs on Unsplash

Appearance: the appearance is what drew me to the flower while I was shopping at the pharmacy. Flo was frosted white with trichomes and it possessed a light green undertone. I noticed several orange pistons diving from the center and coating the exterior. I wanted a sativa for day time use, and an indica for unwinding and going to sleep at night. Flo was a possible prospect for my stavia. I opened the container and smelled the contents, and that made the deciding factor.

By Joel & Jasmin Førestbird on Unsplash

Aroma: Flo smelled like a mixture of basil and wood. A very earthy and sweet aroma. There were undertones of berry coated with a gassy haze. Flo is a beautiful bud matched by an enticing smell. By the time I left the dispensary I was drooling from the anticipation.

Taste: I was shocked by the taste. I expected it to be more sweet and subtle, but it was quite pungent. Flo is an earthy, herby, and peppery smoke. Have a drink handy. Although, It is not an unpleasant taste and once the effects started to hit me, I hardly noticed. Everything tasted and smelled great to me once the high swept over.

Effects: In a Nutshell

1. Serene

2. Creative

3. Euphoric

By Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

Flo produces a subtle relaxing high that settles on the top of the head. The strain eases its way down to the feet, relaxing all the muscles in its wake. Yet, it sticks to its sativa roots and provides an uplifting creative feel. I could feel tingles going through my body and felt inspired while crafting this review. I felt the urge to smile and listen to some good music. Flo made me feel comfortable, and I can imagine it is an excellent strain to enjoy before going out with friends. It provides a serene, warm feeling that is fitting for all scenarios of life. I felt very present and in control but light and stress-free. Flo provides a break from reality by providing only pleasant sounds and feelings. While allowing its user to be still very focused and engaged with the tasks at hand. I would highly recommend Flo if it is available in your area for the effects alone. The fruity aroma and earthy taste are a bonus.

By Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

Final thoughts

Flo is a reliable strain that I would smoke any day. I know I am going to have a good time and my stress will be alleviated. I was not blown out of the water by the experience but there were very few downsides. The high was mellow and pleasant, it smelled delicious and the smoke was easy on the throat. I did not have any dry mouth, which is rare for me. Also, no red eyes, and the after taste was not too unpleasant. I did not have any anxiety or paranoia. If I were to knit pick, I would say that it may have been too relaxing for a Sativa. Other than that, gold stars all around for Flo.

If you live in an area where Flo is available, I highly recommend picking some up and giving it a try.

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