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First 1 Gram

by Dope Tales 8 months ago in fact or fiction

The Friend

First 1 Gram
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So I was in college and I had just failed a test that I needed to be a pass, it was my fault because my dumb ass couldn’t be bothered to study at home. After all, I was out with my friends all day doing some stupid stuff.

Anyway, So I came to the yard at lunch to chill with my college friends and see they were smoking cigarettes at the back of the college where all the other bad kids went, so I went up to them and asked if I could have a cigarette. My friend who I am going to call Dan said "Yes of course, here you go" and gave me this half burnt-out cigarette. I asked, "Why is this half-burnt out". My other friend who I’m going to call Jamie said “Go on, Smoke it” and he passes me a lighter.

So I light the end of the half-burnt out cigarette and my friends were full of excitement on there faces, I inhale the smoke and cough my lungs out nearly and my friend Dan said “It’s normal for your first time” so I said to him “What?” with a confused expression on my face. He said “So, What do you think” I replied “It tastes a little bit different to a normal cigarette what brand is it” Dan replied “Dude are you stupid, its cannabis”

“Clang” “Clang” The college bell rang for the next lesson

I replied “Where can I get more”

Dan said “Meet me here after this lesson and we can get some more”

I said “Sure”

“Clang” “Clang” The college bell rang for the end of my last lesson

I make my way to the back of the college and waited for like 20 minutes for this guy and He finally shows up. I said “Dan what took you so long” He replied saying “I had to do some stuff, Sorry man” I replied “Okay can we go now”

Dan replied “Yeah, Sure man get in the car”

So me and Dan are walking to his car talking about stupid college shit and this “Hot girl” he is talking to.

Anyway, We got to his car and got in and He turns on the car and about 10 seconds after turning his car on I got a strong smell of cannabis coming from the back seat, I’m like “Dan, We are gonna get pulled over” But he can’t hear me over the loud booming music he has on, So I’m sitting there thinking like “I’m going to jail today”.

We finally got to his house after a 20-minute drive and thank god we didn’t see any police because we would have had a huge case.

Dan finally walks up to his house with his keys jingling in his Hand and finally opens the door to his house and he says to me “Come in”. So I walk into my friend’s house and he then tells me to walk into the kitchen and open the bottom cupboard on the left.

So I open the cupboard and there are jars and jars of brown and green colored cannabis just sitting there and he comes to the kitchen and says to me “Pick a jar”.

So I pick up a jar and he says “Open it and give me a nug” so I reach in and take a nug and pass it to him and he looks at me and then just looks back at the table and starts to roll a joint. and there’s me still with the jar in my hand He says “Give me the jar” so I gave him the jar and he takes it back to the kitchen and put it back where I took it from.

He comes back to the room and gives me a joint he just rolled and said “Spark it, bro”

I smoked the whole joint and dan said with his eyes squinted “That’s your first ever gram bro”

My high ass replied “Dude I’m high as a kite right now”

After that day me and Dan smoked every day after college

fact or fiction
Dope Tales
Dope Tales
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