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FAV Recreational Concentrates

There are plenty of options when you go to a dispensary, and especially if it’s your first time in, it can be a little overwhelming. I want to help the process a little easier for those of you who are interested in trying out new concentrates. Wax has become a popular substitute for flower because of the smoother high it gives. I personally prefer dabs so, here is a list of my top 5 favorite concentrations!

1. Indie Concentrates

Indie comes in many varieties of flavors and options as far as hybrid, sativa, and indica. The consistency is more of a sugar or cheese which makes it easier to scoop up on the go. All of the Indie products provide the exact high you are looking for with an easy come down. The packaging is also one of my favorites because it indicates which type of high it will provide, along with a cute, teal background. They are reasonably priced and will not disappoint!

2. Batch Concentrates

Most Batch concentrates come in a sap form giving you a more chill, indica type high. Batch makes other consistencies if you’re not into the gooey mess sap can sometimes provide. I prefer the sap because it lasts longer than sugar or crumble for me. The high last longer than most and is perfect for a night time dab. They also have other types such as sativa and hybrids if you’re looking for a different type of high, or to try something new!

3. Mandarin Cookies

This is a specific batch of concentrate that can be found at many dispensaries. It is a sativa, sugar wax base that gives you a great high for morning dabs before work or daily activities. It is smooth and doesn’t give you the burning sensation in your lungs that some dabs can create. This concentrate tastes exactly as it is described and leaves you with an orangie after taste. This wax did not last me long because of the amazing high it provided. Let’s just say I got a lot accomplished while it lasted.

4. Creative

Creative Concentrates can also be found at many dispensaries. The variety of this collection is huge regarding your indica/hybrid/sativa and all of them deliver what they promise. I also like the container they use because of the base, it allows you to get every bit out of the container without leaving streaks of wax at the bottom. There are many different flavors and consistencies to choose from to find your perfect match! They are reasonably priced and are convenient to find almost anywhere.


EvoLab Color Pen

These pens are one of the longest lasting, and most accessible dab pens I have found at most dispensaries. They have many options as far as sativa/indica/hybrid that preform exactly as they are described. They last about 6 weeks and only have to be charged about 3 days. They come in multitudes of cute colors and sweet flavors to cater to anyone’s needs. These pens are perfect for people like me who don’t always have access to a piece, and are constantly on the go!


All of these concentrates are popular at most dispensaries and most definitely some of my favorites! They are reasonably priced and easily accessible which makes the purchase even fun and easier! I hope this article helped any new, or expert smokers make their dispensary experience a little easier and hopefully more fun! If you’re new to the world of dabbing then I hope this helped give you a little insight on what to expect when purchasing concentrates, and what to look for to meet your requirements.

Happy Dabbing!

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