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DMT: A Guide to Taking DMT

by Rico Verse 7 months ago in how to

I won't tell you where to get it, but I'll tell you what you need to do so you can travel the realms in a more peaceful and loving way.

DMT: A Guide to Taking DMT

First off, do not treat DMT like just another drug. Don’t even think of it as just another psychedelic. If we put all herbal natural “drugs” on a scale of 1-10 then this is how they would go.

1-2 - Weed (smoked) (30mins - 2hrs)

2-3 - Edibles (cannabis) (50mg+) (2-5hrs)

4 - Mushrooms (1.5g) (3.5-5hrs)

9.9 - Ayuhuasca (6-8hrs)

15 - DMT (50-60mg) (10-15 minutes)

This list is based on personal experience. I have tried all of these except for ayahuasca, I placed it on the list because it is necessary to have a reference point. The reason I placed it as a 9.9 is because it is a long drawn out process while DMT seems to compact that whole trip in just a few minutes. I am not saying one is better than another, simply stating that they are two different vehicles to tap into existence. As you can see, DMT is on a whole other level. Although your brain releases DMT when you are sleeping, it is a completely different process when you use an external source and are fully conscious.

1 - Trust your source

Simply put, trust your source. This is true for all psychedelics but when it comes to ego killing substances you definitely have to trust who you get it from and who is giving it to you. You don’t want to take a hit of some fucked shit thinking you’re going to reach the divine and end up on the streets having arguments with benches and imaginary friends.

2 - Find a good place

Like all trips, your surrounding environment is very important. A bad environment will most likely to a bad trip. That being said, the location I choose for my trip could’ve been better. But lack of time and preparation led me to small busy park with traffic. Bad choice, as cars create disturbances unperceived by our normal conscious state of being but are clear as day when in altered states of mind. So, a nice quiet spot in nature away from people is ideal. Doing it in a room is probably okay if the room has the right set up and vibe, but you will definitely miss the connection with nature that I so enjoyed.

3 - Calm your mind

This is another must when it comes to any psychedelic experience. A calm mind allows you to take in the experience without any hesitation, fear or doubts. Remember that all emotions and states of mind are compounded exponentially when you take psychedelics. Let go of all your problems and bullshit you’re carrying because they will manifest in ways you can’t even imagine. So go into the experience with a peaceful mind, or you just might end up in your own personal hell like I did.

If you don’t know how to calm your mind, sit down and meditate. Close your eyes and visualize all your chaotic thoughts melting away. If you’re an experienced meditator, 5 to 10 minutes should be enough to set you in the proper state. If you’re a complete noob, then meditate for at least 1 week prior to your trip. It’s not a necessity, but I definitely recommend it in order to come into the experience in a great state of mind.

4 - Breath is life

This seems like a fucking given, but you’d be surprised how important this is. Your breath controls your state of being. Whenever you are in a state of sadness, your breaths are probably shallow. Whenever you’re angry, your breaths most likely have sharp inhales and shallow exhales. If you reach a state of zen, your breaths are calm, cool and collected. This is especially important when it comes to DMT. Shallow and erratic breaths will take you to disharmonic realities. Trust me when I say, these are definitely not the realms you’re looking for.

If you have never done any breathing exercises, I suggest you take 5 minutes to learn how to find your breath. Simply sit down in a comfortable position with an erect spine and close your eyes. Watch your breath go in and out. Do not force anything or try to achieve anything. Simply observe. This will prime your body and mind for the ideal state of being for a good DMT experience as well as teach you to be more aware of your breath. This practice actually works for any experience or trip. Whether they are edibles, or shrooms or just being fucking depressed, BREATH IS LIFE! If you learn to be aware of your breath and learn how to “control” it, remaining in zen like state of being is no challenge.

6 - You MUST have a guide and/or anchor

This is a MUST if it is your first time. Please do not just “try” DMT, especially alone. If you take a strong enough dose I believe it may be difficult to stabilize back into this dimension. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please read my first experience with DMT, DMT: My First Cosmic Ride. Make sure that this person is experienced in the ways of surfing through cosmic waves, aka already experienced with psychedelics and preferably has taken DMT. This anchor/guide will remain close to you, sober, during your experience. If you don’t trust this person, they cannot be your guide. If you aren’t comfortable putting your life in their hands, they cannot be your anchor. Trust is a must.

7 - LET GO

Whatever you think is going to happen. Let that shit go.

Whatever you have heard about DMT. Let that shit go too.

Whatever you want to happen. You definitely need to let that shit go.

Don’t expect…. EXPERIENCE!!!

The universe will not show you what you want, it will show you what you need. Good, bad, these are just words and are completely subjective. Do not judge your experience and do not fear it. It’s a message from source, so take it and learn from it. Of course you will see colors, shapes and fractals. Of course you will hear tones and pitches as your consciousness adjusts. But this is not what DMT is for. Do not be distracted by colors and pretty shit. There are more important messages to be received and appreciated.

I often refer to DMT as “40 years of meditation in a bowl”. This is the feeling I got right after my experience. As DMT is a naturally produced chemical, I believe experienced meditators and yogis have the possibility of being so conscious of their internal chemistry that they might be able to release these powerful chemicals at will. That being the case, DMT is not something you can guide or control since you probably haven’t spent 40 years intensely cultivating your spiritual practices. The easiest way to “control” it is through your breath. And even then, the best you can do is remain calm so that the universe has a chance to communicate with you without any interference from you.

Enough with the prep talk, it’s time for the good stuff. You can check out the experience of my first trip in my other article DMT: My First Cosmic Ride.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck on your journey through life. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in leaving them here.


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