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by David Sandoval 5 months ago in marijuana minute
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Growing marijuana and smoking marijuana

Grow houses

I got into this business when I was 12 years old. Someone wore a wire on me. I was 12 and now I’m 37. I can’t buy a gun because of this. Also ended up spending about three years in juvenile hall because of it. Now that I’m an adult and it’s legal in my state I have a much different outlook on things. This year we had 7000 plants. We had to take care of watering lolly popping and some other industry secrets that I can’t really mention due to A non-disclosure agreement. The thing about seeing a seed sprout grow develop reach maturity and produce beautiful flowers is that there’s a full circle fulfillment involved. The beautiful flowers have beautiful powers their strands from different lands his plans of propagating hands brought to you by The medical marijuana modern medicine man. I heal and Practice Holistic medicine. I can practice medicine as a doctor as long as it’s holistic and I don’t have to go to school. The thing about not going to school is that knowing about cannabis is like going to school. There’s so many things you have to know different manufacturing types different strains potencies and mediums. Just because it’s green doesn’t mean it’s good. Sometimes you really have to care about what you’re doing. When you put love into a plant you get love back out of that plant. It’s an amazing astonishing miracle. It’s natural and has been given to us by God.I often find myself drifting away in thought. I’m giving some advice. When I smoke I get motivated I am at peace and I often find I have a closer connection with My spirit. I no longer think that I need to smoke marijuana in order to get these things. I believe that the marijuana was just a tool that I used to make myself into a more peaceful loving person. Now that I have grown a custom to being a certain way I no longer need the marijuana to feel this way. I have begun to cut back and often I do not smoke marijuana anymore. I will sometimes take a distillate or a tincture but even this is becoming less and less. I have not become rude or aggressive in fact I remain calm cool and collected. I feel like I have changed who I was once before. And have adopted certain ways of living that provide me with a very calm attitude. I am grateful for the blessings in my life. I am beginning to move forward in a new chapter. This chapter no longer needs marijuana or any other substance to determine who I am. I am a fan of the sticky icky icky green green green. But I am no longer a slave to it. I can have an enhanced mood and an elevated sense of being just by stopping what I’m doing taking a moment to breathe then taking a few moments more to say that I’m thankful for what God has provided me. Perhaps once life changes for the better or once I was able to see that life was not so bad. Then I was able to put this big smile on my face. The smile is not chemically induced or fake at all. It is just the way my body chooses to show its joy and gratitude. I am so happy that I am happy. Have you ever been so unhappy that you had to smoke a bunch of weed to smile? I was that unhappy before but not now at all.

marijuana minute

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David Sandoval

I’m always in love and forever broken-hearted. I love writing poetry it sets me free

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