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Cream of the Cannabis Crop

A Jersey City shop aims to be the rebels of the cannabis world

By Ben NelsonPublished 29 days ago 3 min read
Cream's ribbon cutting ceremony included Jersey City mayor Steven Fulop.

A new dispensary in downtown Jersey City is on a mission to transform the cannabis retail experience. Cream and its owners Heinrich Badenhorst, AJ Prasaguet, and Nicole and John Caracciola are breaking away from the conventional, impersonal dispensary model and emphasizing customer engagement and education in its shop.

“The potency of cannabis can vary widely depending on factors like the strain, growing conditions, and processing methods,” Heinrich Badenhorst explains. “It’s important to know what you’re taking.”

That’s where Cream’s clerks, playfully referred to as “The Budtenders,” come in. They are available to answer any and all questions. Says Badenhorst, “they’re charged with making sure customers are dosing on our fine strains properly and safely.”

Heinrich Badenhorst behind the counter at Cream. Photo courtesy Cream.online

The shop is also experiential. On one day, customers might find an educational workshop taking place in Cream’s back conference room; the next day there might a DJ spinning records in the middle of the store. Customers are encouraged to chillax in the store and fly high on the creamy clouds of smoke at Cream.

It's a concept that Badenhorst, Prasaguet, and the Caracciolas believe can work outside of downtown Jersey City. They are looking to bring Cream’s unique blend of quality and culture to more cities. We spoke with Heinrich Badenhorst from the Jersey City shop.

What inspired you to get into the cannabis industry?

Heinrich Badenhorst: We were inspired by the need for quality and transparency in cannabis. We chose to launch in Jersey City because of its progressive vibe and close proximity to NYC. Plus, the city’s energy matches our own.

Can you share your long-term vision for Cream?

Our goal is to make Cream Cannabis a household name, synonymous with excellence and cutting-edge cannabis culture. We’re looking to expand, innovate, and lead.

How do you ensure the quality and safety of your cannabis products?

We employ third-party testing, strict quality controls, and meticulous sourcing to ensure our cannabis is top-tier. Every product is vetted like it’s running for office.

What types of cannabis products do you offer, and how do you select them?

Our offerings span from classic flower to cutting-edge edibles and concentrates. We pick products that meet our high standards and the high expectations of our customers.

A sampling of flower products available at Cream.

Are there any unique products or services that customers can only find at Cream?

Yes, at Cream, we’re all about offering what others can’t. Exclusive strains? Check. Unique product collabs? Check.

How do you cater to both medicinal and recreational cannabis users?

We’ve got something for everyone. Medicinal users get the guidance they need, while recreational users enjoy a range of top-notch products.

Can you explain the process for a new customer to purchase cannabis from your dispensary.

It’s easy to get started! Simply bring your ID, meet with our friendly staff, explore our products, and make your purchase.

Cream owner Nicole Caracciola assists a new customer.

Do you plan to engage with the local community and support local initiatives?

Most certainly. From sponsoring local events to hosting educational workshops, we’re here to make a positive impact on the local community.

What measures are you taking to ensure your business is environmentally sustainable?

Sustainability is a journey, and we’re starting with recyclable delivery bags. Our product packaging, mainly in plastic or glass jars, can be recycled, and we’re exploring more ways to be eco-friendly.

How do you address concerns about cannabis use?

Education is key. That’s where our Budtenders come in. They are available to offer guidance on proper dosages, potential effects, and safe consumption methods.

What can customers expect when they visit Cream Dispensary for the first time?

Personalized service, a welcoming environment, and access to high-quality cannabis products. Our dispensary is designed to be inclusive and secure, with friendly staff and strict safety measures to ensure everyone feels welcome.

Visit https://cream.online

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