CBD Choices

So many choices how do I choose?!

CBD Choices
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CBD comes in every shape and size you can imagine. From simple tinctures to soap and bath bombs. Choosing the right one for you may be tough without asking yourself some simple questions. In this I’ll ask you to think about the effects you’re searching for. Are you in an overall pain? Do you have localized pain that flairs sometimes? Are you anxious searching for some clarity, or are you just curious if CBD can help you.

The Question?

Do you have a localized pain area that’s a part of a condition or previous injury? My suggestion would be to use CBD internally and externally. This doesn’t have to be expensive, you can get quality CBD isolate droppers for $10 and a couple for pain reducing creams and topicals for $25-$50 depending on the choice you go with. You can also upgrade from a simple CBD isolate dropper for a broad spectrum or full spectrum tincture. If you’re just starting out then I don’t blame you for not wanting to spend a lot of money to try something that won’t work so try small then if you like upgrade to higher end products. Though the answer to the question for a localized flaring or something like arthritis I do recommend using both a topical and internal solution. There’s plenty of internal solutions, gummies, capsules, tea, you name it. I guarantee you’ll find something that looks good for internal use. External product choice is a preference, some products are natural with a cooling sensation like icy hot, it's a common theme in most with menthol, campher, and peppermint oil as the active ingredients.

It’s important to try different combinations to find the right fit. Unlike full and broad spectrum that do have the terpenes from being a whole plant extraction. Some companies has just have CBD isolate but the choice to enhance it with a terpene profile specific to your needs, you can find the role terpenes play in holistic healing. My favorite is higher levels of Myrcene, Humulene, and Caryophyllene for the balancing effect of my anxiety without much sedation, for me, but everyone is different.

Anxiety and overall pain and aches

Again if your hands are in turmoil from something like arthritis the topical will help but having a steady flow of CBD internally will continue to mitigate the situation. If something like anxiety or an overall non localized pain is something you’re experiencing internal use is the best course of action. Finding the right internal product is a must. Some people benefit off of CBD Isolate products while some need full spectrum to feel the full effects. Full spectrum products contain the amount of THC allowed at .03% but it’s not a lot. Though THC is a compounding substance so if taken routinely the THC will build up and a possible side effect is a failed drug test for THC. Also beware if you have some histamine allergies. The next best option is a broad spectrum product that’s basically a full spectrum that’s been separated into all of its components and put back together without the THC. The Broad Spectrum company I use is also Nano Enhanced that you can read up in more of my stories and there are many choices on how to take it.

The Choice Ultimately Falls on You

Ultimately finding the right CBD product is a choice by you. Factors can come in like money and terpenes. I think trying different ones rather if it’s the Isolate Products, Full or Broad spectrum the choice is yours. I personally shop at Connected Healing for the wide range of choices. If one works maybe upgrading to something different will help more, and maybe not. Look through catalogs and if you find a company that interests you. It’s always better to try before you deny it and if you’ve taken CBD to no avail, it is a compounding product and it’s suggested to take it for at least two weeks before you start to really feel the full effects it has to offer.

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