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Cannabis Strain Review 02: #407 Sapphire Daze (Pre-roll)

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Cannabis Crossing reviews are an honest review of strains that have been consumed and the respectful individual perspective on how it affected the subject. This is supposed to be informative and a way of dispelling any misconceptions about cannabis in the process.

Honesty and integrity are of the most importance here and I hope that the information provided can help the others out there that are on their own personal journey make firm decisions based on facts and insights given by those that have more experience.

Imagine you are sitting across from me with a roaring fire in front of you with the sea rolling in to wash the sands from your feet as I smile and ask you how your day was and what happened that was new. Comfort and security are the feelings I would want you to feel when reading this little episode.

Hopefully near the end of this story you will smile and have more questions to ask your health care professionals about cannabis and the benefits of it.

The following are the honest accounts and reviews of the strain currently being consumed or happens to be the most recent. Let it be known I will always love the ladies that bring me light in my life!


#407 Sapphire Daze Pre-Rolls By HAVENst.

22%THC/0.00 CBD

Size: 5 x 0.5g Pre-rolls

To be honest I would prefer the 3.5g jar rather than the pre-rolls.

I have had mixed reviews and unhappy circumstances when regarding pre-rolls. Usually they would run and “canoe” leaving one to feel as if a lot of it is going to waste. I also found that they would dry out more being pre-rolled. Some had been so harsh that I had immediately started to cough.

In this case I found that the pre-rolls were deep in flavour and didn’t run too much.

Another thing of note is that with pre-rolls I can’t see the cannabis before it was rolled. I really do enjoy seeing the trichomes and the variety of colors that can happen with certain strains.

This strain is given to us by HAVENst. So far I have nothing to complain about when it comes to the quality of strains that I have tried from them. The ones that I have tried have been potent and only a few have been too dry for me.

These 5 pre-rolls though weren’t very pungent in aroma but delivered a good kick none the less.

The euphoric state isn’t the only benefit of the plant and one should be aware of this when consuming. Don’t be afraid to try strains that have a lower THC. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Cannabis Crossing is going to provide information about any strain that has been bought legally and will try to always convey a review with respect and consideration to those who have so diligently contributed to the industry either in cultivation or bud tending.

My overall review for this strain is a positive one.

I will give it three buds out of five.

The only reason why is because of the fact that they are pre-rolls. I am a lot more critical of pre-rolls because of the extra cost.

The Indica is heavy hitter and left me wanting to slip into the sheets of my bed for a well-deserved rest after a long day at work.

Thank you, HAVENst., for doing what you do and keep up the good work and stay out of trouble. I will gladly share this with company that I have over and will be happy to say nothing but good things about the lovely lady that came from your production facility.

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Juniper Jones
Juniper Jones
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