Canna Sweets Review

by Blaye about a year ago in product review

What was my experience buying from

Canna Sweets Review

Hello there, Cannabis Users! Today, I have an awesome review for you all and a bit of detail concerning my experience with

So after finding it difficult with my anxiety to make the trip to my closest storefront dispensary, I decided to buy weed online on October 19th, 2017 and I got my bundle on October 21st, 2017. After you place your order you need to send out an e-mail transfer to the e-mail they supply you, after that, within 24 hours, they will certainly approve it. You will get three various e-mails to alert you concerning your order and also they will certainly likewise give a tracking number.

An additional point you need to recognize is that you need to be 19 years old or over and living in Canada to buy, and also you need to have an account to be able to order. There is a verification process, but that only takes an hour. Sometimes quicker, the odd time a little longer. Directly, my account was approved almost immediately, compared to 24 hours like some other site, which ….. was amazing!

Ultimately, I am really happy with exactly how quick the delivery experience was and I do suggest purchasing on a Monday to ensure that you could obtain your bundle the exact same week rather than needing to wait over the weekend, like I did. When it comes to my order, I attempted several of their various items. Stay tuned for the testimonials on their shatter, edibles, topicals, and also various other blossom pressures.

On their store, you are able to buy numerous strains of; cannabis buds, oil, and also shatter. You could additionally get several various kinds of topicals, as well as edibles!

Back to exactly what I got. I bought three various flowers. It is really satisfying to know you get fantastic quality, speedy delivery, and great deals. I will certainly be purchasing more future.

Happy Face brand is rolling out their newest product – Disposable Distillate Pens! Available in Girl Scout Cookies flavour, these pens are made with high-grade THC Distillate. The pen has 650 mg of THC extract. Each pen has approximately 100 puffs depending on the length of your inhale. What makes these pens even better is that there is no need to turn them on, simply start inhaling through the top.

BC Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid, perfect for those enjoying a cozy night in bed with pizza. Medical use: fatigue, stress, depression, pain

This Sativa Starter pack contains three different 2-gram Sativa strains. Strains are randomly picked from their inventory! Perfect for patients who seek to try their inventory first!

When I obtained the bundle it was so very discreet that you couldn’t even tell there was marijuana in your hand. I was really delighted with their prices, as well as the fact that when you buy an order over $200 you get shipping totally free delivery, which is another wonderful reward.

You can check them out on Instagram @cannasweetsofficial and Twitter @cannasweets too. Thanks for reading. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed! I WILL BE BACK.

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