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The Latest On Daren McCormick

By Ben McCarthyPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
A special update on the status of Daren McCormick

As I arrive, you can almost feel an energy in the air. I walk into the nondescript professional center on Church street in the sleepy town of Amherst, NS, as I climb the stairs to the third floor, home of Nova Scotia's Provincial Courts. I open the door to be greeted by body armour-clad sheriffs and police screening everyone that walked through, as I catch a glimpse out the window at passers-by looking and pointing at a car lined with placards across the street.

I entered the courtroom to find a packed house, with barely a seat available. The normal procedure of simpler cases were dealt with first, and it wasn't until nearly noon, that we caught our first glimpse of a man no one has seen or heard from in nearly a week. Appearing well and in good spirits, he seemed relieved to see the courtroom filled with family, friends, and supporters; Daren McCormick waved to everyone in the room and smiled while leaning toward his mother seated in the front row, and quietly whispered, "I love you Mom."

Outside, the car owned by Donna Thibodeau stands vigil over the placards she so lovingly created to bring attention to the plight of the man fighting for his very freedom. Inside, the court hangs in silence, as we await the first words from a man that is arguably one of the most gentle, compassionate and giving people in Nova Scotia, if not the country.

Donna Thibodeau left NB at 4 am to ensure she was there to show support.

The Car of Donna Thibodeau stands Vigil over her signs.

The first words used to address Judge Rosalind Michie were out of concern for his mother, as he explained that he had been kept in communication isolation since his arrest last week. When advised that Provincial Crown Attorney Vicky Doucette was seeking to prohibit his release, he advised the court that he has been unable to communicate with his attorney, and received very little disclosure. He also advised her Honour that he had been unable to review the small brief provided, as he didn't have his eyeglasses. The court obliged his request and had a sheriff retrieve the glasses from his mother.

Judge Michie, noting the severity of the pending charges and impotence of legal counsel, recessed the court to provide an opportunity for Mr. McCormick to speak with his attorney. During the recess, family and supporters gathered across the street ensuring that the community was aware of Daren's plight.

Everyone shared stories of how Daren has helped countless people across the country for free by providing life altering cannabis oil, better known to patients as Phoenix Tears, to sick people that could never afford the cost. I was made aware that the guns he had been charged with were the same guns returned to him from previous charges. The weapons consist of rusted and nonfunctioning handguns and black powder pistols that are a part of a collection, claimed people intimate with the seizure.

If the aim of those charges was intended to cast a shadow on the good this man does, they had succeeded. Since his arrest, a number of people have publicly voiced their lack of support for a man that has given so selflessly to the community. It has created a rift that I hope many will realize was in folly.

When we return, the Judge explains that the onus of proof falls to the defense due to the prohibited weapons charges and not with the Crown, as would normally be the case. The Judge proceeds to follow that simply, saying, this means that Mr. McCormick must prove to the court that he is not a risk to himself or the public. Citing lack of disclosure and communication with counsel, the court has set the matter over until September 11 at 9:30 am for a show cause hearing, or at an earlier requested date, should the defense be prepared to do so. Daren has been remanded into custody at the Northeast Nova Scotia Correctional Facility to await the hearing. As of the time of publication, a link was unavailable for a gofundme page to aid in his defense. It will be provided as soon as one becomes available.

Please continue to follow this developing story and voice your support for our brother down. Please use #freedaren to show your support.

For further updates and live tweets regarding this and other cannabis stories, please come visit me on Facebook or Twitter @cannacowboy.

Peace and Love


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I am a 25+ yr cannabis consumer and advocate. I believe information is freedom. Join me on my journey of discovery and together we will unlock the mysteries and secrets of this wonderful plant visit me on Facebook or Twitter @cannacowboy

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