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Best Weed Cookbooks

The green palette has been expanded to include infused oils, spices, whole meals, and preserves in the best weed cookbooks.

By Ed GreenPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

Bringing together cooking and marijuana consumption is not a new concept, but it is one that has been taken to a new level in recent years. Typical baked goods and gummies are not the only thing on the menu any more, and the green palette has been expanded to include infused oils, spices, whole meals, and preserves.

Edibles are a very healthy alternative to smoking, and making your own allows you a level of quality and taste control that purchasing goods doesn’t provide. Luckily, many cookbooks have been released that have elevated cannabis cuisine to new heights, and let us have more options than the special brownie.

This is a great choice for anyone who is just getting started with cooking with cannabis. The recipes are simple, accessible, and very easy to follow. The recipes inside range from appetizers to mains to desserts, and it is actually a beautifully photographed cookbook. High Times has been a trusted curator of green content for years, long before writing about marijuana became mainstream. They are one of the most reliable and trusted sources for information on weed, and their book is definitely worth a look.

Stoners' Delight is another great choice for novice weed chefs, with recipes varying in ease and quantity. The best part of this selection is that the recipes can be customized to the amount and type of green that you have on hand, meaning it is the perfect cookbook to turn to no matter how supplied you might be. The book focuses mainly on snacks, desserts, and drinks that you can make, and they are all perfect selections for beginners (or people who don’t do a lot of baking, special or otherwise).

The Art of Cooking with Cannabis for any experimental cook who is interested in trying their hand at edibles. Beyond recipes, the book delves into the art and science of cooking with marijuana and teaches new chefs to create cannabis extractions that can be used in recipes, which makes the perfect starting point for inventing your own! This is definitely one of the best weed cookbooks out there for someone looking to learn how to make their own recipes, and learn the theory behind creating great edibles.

Cooking and Cannabis: the greatest marriage since the discovery of food. From cocktails to hamburgers, desserts to eggs, Baked: A Marijuana Cookbook explores the vast and highly anticipated world of cooking with everyone’s favorite green ingredient: weed. With easy to follow instructions, engaging photographs, and a fool-proof “you-can-read-this-even-if-you’re-high” approach, Baked makes a great gift for first time chefs, stoners, food aficionados, and grandmothers. Presented by Potent, powered by pot, Baked makes any cooking occasion a smoking hot one.

The 420 Gourmet is another great collection for people who are looking to make green cooking into an art form. The author first began experimenting with edibles to help a friend suffering from cancer, and his experience with experimenting and trial and error make for solid advice and directions. This fun book includes recipes for every meal of the day and for dessert, which makes it ideal for anyone looking into edibles for pain management.

This small cookbook is definitely the most specific one on the list, and you can probably already think of the perfect person in your life to gift it to. Green cooking for vegans is simpler than you think, and a lot of recipes are very simple and focus on healthy snacks and recipes with a green bonus. The reviews for this book are off the charts, and it is definitely one of the more interesting vegan cookbooks released in the past few years.

Beyond being just a cookbook, this title looks into the practical uses of weed, the history of its use, and helps readers understand how different strains impact the body. It is one of the best weed cookbooks for novice green chefs, because it provides more than just the recipes. Readers will learn more about cannabis and how and why the best recipes work out, and by the time you’ve made your way through, you’ll be ready to start creating your own recipes.

The Bakes at 420 Cookbook has released a special holiday edition, featuring Christmas and other holiday themed recipes that can be served to open-minded guests and family members. This is the only weed cookbook themed specifically for Christmas, and makes a perfect gift for your toking friends. We do caution you to be careful with your holiday treats, and keep them away from the buffet table.

This book wins for best title on the list, and has been called the Martha Stewart of weed cookbooks. This collection, put together by a chef from Colorado, elevates green cuisine from simple brownies into wholesome and nutritious meals. Using natural ingredients and adventurous new combinations, Karin Lazarus elevates edible snacking to a whole new level. If you know someone who is serious about cooking and indulging, this is likely the best weed cookbook you can recommend for them.

This book is the best selection for someone who is interested in making their own edibles, but is not necessarily that experienced in the kitchen. These recipes are intended to be fast, simple, and easy for anyone to make—at any skill level! The book is particularly useful for those times when you feel like making a spontaneous batch up and don’t want to wait to go through the instructions for a very complicated recipe.

This title is very similar to a standard cookbook. Focusing on upscale, wholesome, and delicious recipes that are not too complicated to make at home, the author has put together a collection that any home chef would be interested in trying out. The book goes beyond recipes to explore cannabis as an ingredient that adds flavor, giving advice on how best to bring it into your everyday favorite foods. It is one of the best weed cookbooks for anyone who is an experienced chef, or very good at coming up with their own recipes.

Edibles are a healthy and safe alternative to smoking, and they are becoming a more common way to use marijuana. Beyond the standard brownies, there are a world of foods, drinks, and infusions you can create that will bring you a perfect high alongside your perfect meal. No one is going to provide you better treats than a foodie with the munchies, so consider gifting one of the best marijuana cookbooks to your friends, or reading one today, to open a whole new world of snacking and enjoyment.

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