Best Wax Vaporizer Brands for 2019

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Know the best selections for wax vaporizers in 2019

Best Wax Vaporizer Brands for 2019

A new year means that it's time to turn over a new leaf. It may be the perfect time to drop your smoking habits, and get yourself a new vaporizer. If you’re in the market for a new wax vaporizer, then you could sure use our help. We’ve compiled some of the best brands known to have manufactured the best wax vaporizers in the industry.

Wax consumption has now been a mainstream means of using cannabis, either for medication or recreation. That’s why new platforms for concentrated consumption emerged, and companies have started to bank in developing technologies dedicated to the enhancement of cannabis concentrates and vaping, a known delivery method for inhaling clean and pure vapors from wax concentrates. Join us as we list down some of the best companies to go with, as you start, or continue, your wax concentrate ventures this 2019.

1. Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber is a brand widely known in the wax pen vaporizer scene. It has made a name for itself in this platform in such a short amount of time by winning some of the most coveted awards from the most prestigious award-giving bodies in the country. It seems that the doctor really knows what’s up. Some of its most famous vape models include the Dr. Dabber Aurora, and the Dr. Dabber Ghost. Below are just some of the recognitions given to their flagship devices:

  • “Best Packaging/Kit”
  • “Best Innovation”
  • “Best Stealth”
  • “Best Taste”
  • “Best Durability”

Dr. Dabber managed take all these awards in one night, making them an overnight celebrity. Although they have already managed to build up a solid reputation, the awards they earned all the more cemented their status in the wax pen platform. After all, who wouldn’t trust a brand that defines the essence of wax concentrate consumption?

Dr. Dabber managed to establish themselves as a premium wax vaporizer brand, creating vaporizers that are stylish enough to be taken and used anywhere, but are durable and are tough enough for a hell and back performance and reliability. Dr. D’s products are known for their signature low and slow heating, which ensures that your materials will never get burned, nor reach the point of combustion. If Dr. Dabber has been one of the go-to brands of wax concentrate connoisseurs for the past few years, we don’t see any problem why it shouldn’t be your go-to wax vaporizer brand this 2019.

2. Puffco

Where do we even start? Puffco is a brand whose name is synonymous with quality, purity, and it is the epitome of the best vapors the industry has to offer.

Emerging from an era where vape pens were merely products that were made as an alternative to dab rigs, Puffco was one of the first few vaporizer brands to actually revolutionize the way we see wax concentrate consumption in general. You see, in olden times, one of the most popular means of wax concentrate consumption was through the use of dab rigs. They’re like desktop vaporizers only for concentrates. These contraptions were quite complicated, so most beginners and vape newcomers saw dab rigs as a daunting and a discouraging mechanism. Wax pens made concentrate use easy, and Puffco paved the way for more and more consumers to experience high-quality wax pen vaporizers. Like Dr. Dabber, Puffco holds several awards under its belt including multiple first place awards from the highly-acclaimed High Times Magazine Awards. The name Puffco has also appeared in some of the most popular social media platforms and other mainstream media outlets like Rolling Stones Magazine and Mashable.

Some of the best products from Puffco include the Puffco Plus, and the Puffco Pro 2. However, they've recently come up with a new wax vaporizer that’s head and shoulders above any wax vaporizer on the market. Yes, we’re talking about the Peak. Puffco has proven itself as a top vaporizer brand, and we’re confident that they will continue to be a reliable wax vaporizer brand in 2019 moving forward.

3. KandyPens

Talk about leveraging the power of today’s media. KandyPens have always labeled themselves as a premium lifestyle brand associating their products with famous icons and artists in the industry. If you’ve seen DJ Khaled’s “I’m the One” music video, then you might have noticed one of KandyPens most sought-after vaporizers: The KandyPens Elite. KandyPens have produced popular wax vaporizers that aren’t only celebrity materials because of their supposed cameos and appearances in popular music videos, but they also back up their rep through their unparalleled performance.

KandyPens vaporizers use the best components today’s industry can offer. That’s why their vaporizers are known to have some of most satisfactory vaporizers in this platform. A KandyPens wax vaporizer will not only make you feel like a celebrity, but will make you the actual envy of your peers. If you like to live a flashy lifestyle, and if you’re a passionate high roller, then KandyPens is the ideal wax vaporizer brand for you.

4. Source Vapes

If value is what you prioritize when shopping for a wax vaporizer, then you might want to consider looking at Source Vapes. Source Vapes has been one of the go-to brands for people who look to get more out of their money. Source Vapes have been known for their wide variety of attachments that come included with every vaping kit. Source Vapes aims to transform and provide its users a sophisticated experience when consuming wax concentrates. Their products perfectly combine luxury and affordability, which is something most consumers look after when purchasing wax vaporizers.

Source Vapes uses high-quality components to ensure purity of your vapor output. All their materials are high-grade like their titanium coils that are tested here in the United States. You’ll never find any other vaporizer brand that delivers this much value in wax vaporization.

Final Thoughts

It’s true that not all brands are equal, and the wax vaporizer brands we’ve listed above have proven themselves in terms of reliability and dependability. If you want to know more about the products these wax vaporizer brands have to offer, click the link below. It is the best place to start where you can get the best deals on wax vaporizers you can use this 2019.

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