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Best Movies To Watch High

The best movies to watch high aren’t necessarily well-made.

By Johnny HashPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

The best movies to watch high aren’t necessarily well-made. In fact, sometimes the funniest movies to watch in that state of mind can be really bad ones. The silly sense of humor that often accompanies pot consumption will make you laugh for hours just because of the stupidity of the film. So what are the best movies to watch high? Read on to find out.

Who could have thought that a duo of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet would work so well? In fact, these two are phenomenal! The plot revolves around a guy who’s trying to get over a bad relationship in a unique and often weird way. It deals with heartbreak and unconventional methods of overcoming it. Some of the plot twists and turns are so random, that you might cringe while sober. Yet this movie is a must-see when you’re high!

Christopher Nolan is famous for creating complex movies that are both spectacular and exciting. Inception deals with a bunch of criminals rocking the dream world. All their heists are happening in a state of a dream and sometimes it’s hard to understand what’s "real" and what’s not. The convoluted logic of the movie makes it one of the best movies to watch high. With Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing the lead roles, this movie is a masterpiece you just can’t miss.

Starring Drew Barrymore, Jake Gylenhall, Mary McDonnell, and Jena Malone, Donnie Darko is a perfect movie to watch high. Even when sober the movie creates an altered state of mind—just imagine how cool it would be to watch it a little bit stoned! The plot revolves around a slightly odd teenager who one day meets a giant talking bunny that reveals to him that the world is about to end. From this point the plot gets over-the-top crazy and perfect for watching when high.

Edgar Wright has created a real masterpiece that explores the world of teenage love and comic book romance. It’s incredibly fun to watch in all states of mind, but especially when you’re high. The movie is packed with wacky visuals and special effects that make it incredibly entertaining. Scott Pilgrim is a boy who falls in love with gorgeous Ramona. In order to get her he needs to fight an army of her ex-boyfriends—and not in a metaphorical way.

Some of the best movies to watch high are the ones dealing with marijuana itself. Such plots are always fun to watch and are truly hilarious. Observe the slightly dim-witted characters driving between LA and Mexico with a police officer following them around. This stoner humor is just too good!

Stephen Chow has taken martial arts to the next level. We’ve seen so many movies with kung-fu and other cool martial arts techniques that it seems like they shouldn't excite us anymore. Yet this movie that will make you laugh your lungs out, especially after smoking some weed. Kung Fu Hustle features some outstanding action-packed scenes with hilarious moves and crazy acrobatic stunts.

M. Night Shyamalan managed to create a spectacularly dull move based on an incredibly amazing anime series, Avatar. Critics had a lot to say about this floppy movie adaptation, but you’ll need to see it to believe it. It’s best to watch this movie as high as possible because otherwise you won’t be able to watch it till the end!

Can you imagine a pub crawl that slowly turns into a zombie movie? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening in this crazy film. College friends are meeting after a few dozen years and go for a considerable amount of drinks. That’s when things start to go south! It’s filthy, hilarious, and is one of the best movies to watch high.

Richard Linklater's crazy movie features some of the best Hollywood actors that are truly popular today, but were still unknown in 1993. Mila Jovovich, Ben Affleck, Adam Goldberg, Matthew McConaughey, and Jason London are seniors that travel together on their graduation night. The movie depicts the generation of the early 80s that thought that rock bands, drinking and marijuana were the main things in life.

When the main characters in a movie get high while fighting a bunch of zombies, it’s a sign that this movie is perfect to watch when high. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg fight their way through London, trying to stay alive and smoking weed whenever it’s possible. It’s a fun variation of the Zombie apocalypse and is a must-see for all weed-lovers.

Christopher Nolan creates incredible plots that are sometimes so twisted that it’s better to get high to understand them on a deeper level. The first part of the movie is pretty slow-paced, but then it gets crazy with quantum physics, stunning black holes, singularities, and other amazing things. This movie is definitely a must-see!

The fact that the director of the movie, Gaspar Noe, was high on ‘shrooms while creating the plot of the movie is good enough reason to watch this movie while high. It’s probably pointless to try and grasp the idea while sober because the movie is just too trippy. The plot revolves around a drug dealer who re-examines his life while "floating" over Tokyo.

Seth Rogen and James Franco can turn any movie into a hilarious treat and Pineapple Express is no different. The plot of the movie deals with a marijuana dealer and his accomplice who witness the murder of their boss. The two of them start running and end up in the midst of Pineapple Express—a new kind of a powerful drug. It’s an unforgettable ride and one of the best movies to watch high!

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