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Al fakher - Absolutely yours

by Smoke Fun 3 months ago in product review

Experiment and Enjoy

Many hookah smokers are obsessed with trying out something new yet extraordinary. But do you know that trying out different flavors is actually interesting to get rid of monotonous flavors? If you are still habituated with this, start trying to adopt a renowned shisha tobacco flavor that actually offers you the best results. While you are obsessed with other flavors, have you ever tried out al fakher? One of the most sensible flavors that you ever witness!

What will you do to make your hookah session better and remarkable? How will you make your evening hookah party more cheerful and different? You probably do have all the answers, but you might confuse choosing the best to make your hookah session individual and extraordinary. Heard about the al fakher? The best of the rest. If you take a survey and ask any hookah expert smokers about the alfakher, you will probably get the same opinions about this special one!

Today, we will discuss some of the essential flavors that are renowned for making the taste bud tremendous and some other features of al fakher that have been considered necessary for executing a mind-blowing hookah session.

Into the Al Fakher

Al fakher hookah tobacco is perhaps the most renowned and recognized tobacco flavor on the planet. It is also widely available in various regions. The premium tobacco offers a wide variety of shisha flavors to suit the tastes of global audiences. Millions of dedicated hookah smokers exist around the world with the belief in this premium tobacco. They are dedicated to this premium brand. Most tobacco lovers even contribute their positive opinion on this premium brand that made it more successful. But if you are a beginner, some questions may arise: is the best al fakher is the best? Well, that answer depends on your hookah flavor profile.

Check out the list of al fakher to enlighten your knowledge on this premium tobacco brand. The list includes the top six names based on the most demanding flavor and smoke quality and mixing potential. Although there are lots of other flavors available as well. You can expand your flavor knowledge with these six outstanding flavor offerings from al fakher.

al fakher

Al Fakher Mint

This flavor has been recognized and judged as the "gold standard." This beautiful int hookah tobacco carries the purest essence of mint that is available today across the hookah universe. This is one of the most popular shishas for most hookah smokers for its fresh smoke and flavor. When you start inhaling the flavor, you will feel a cool breeze that soothes your taste buds and delivers a thick and puffy smoke.

Al Fakher Golden Bahraini Apple

While most hookah lovers love to have a typical apple flavor, few search for some specialized flavors to have a feel-good factor, for those, the golden Bahraini apple is just perfect! This exotic flavor is made of fragrant red apple flavor that focuses on bringing the sweet apple flavor. A warm and spicy undertone is also included to enhance the flavor. It comes in a juicier way than the standard al fakher shisha and puts out extraordinarily flavorful and thick smoke. If you are a complete apple person but looking for some different individuals, you must try it!

Al Fakher Rose

Who says rose! The most gorgeous and passionate flower that typically involves increasing the enhancement of anything! Al fakher rose is a combination of sweet and fragrant floral flavor made from the essence of rose petals and is the perfect flavor for sharing with your special someone! You can also enjoy the flavor while having a great evening hookah session with your dearest friends. You have to fire up your bowl, and eventually, you will smell the identifiable notes of a dozen long-stemmed roses.

Al Fakher Watermelon Mint

This is a perfect blend of sweet watermelon and cooling mint, which results in an ultimate flavor that carries a pleasing aroma. This flavor also offers a thick cloud that al fakher is best known for! This juicy blend also has a rich and fruity taste that enhances the sweetest shisha flavors, followed by the cooling sweet exhale.

We, the human being, tend to find and adopt the best if possible. While al fakher has so many flavors to offer, most hookah lovers demand a specific flavor that is renowned for its absolute flavor offering. Al fakher is always experimental with its blendings and flavors, but this typical flavor is extraordinary and unique and presents the flavorful indulgence differently.

So, without wasting your time further, let’s jump into the fact to invent the flavor.


Try some mind-blowing al fakher hookah pairings

Hookah is the most lovable theme of smoking purpose; if you are a pretty serious smoker of hookah, you must invent and have the passion for exploring some newest methods of hookah smoking. These methods and techniques are tried and tested and ensure that you do not have to regret them in future. Many explorers are dedicated to inventing unique scenarios, but today, we will discuss a fascinating process that will surely make your hookah day a special one.

Pairing the passionate flavors

If you are fond of ultimate alcohol and hookah pairing, you should go through a proper tried and tested method that would be helpful to execute an unusual yet best hookah session. Whereas mojitos can be a proper establishment, you can select a typical citrus category to pair; at this point, I would like to suggest Al Fakher Orange or Orange Mint and a hint of Summer Shandy – trust me, this will sponsor you an impeccable journey of your hookah evening.

This orange flavor is not so overbearingly sweet but concentrates on nicotine, and the shandy plays a beautiful role in balancing the bold yet sophisticated flavor.

Do try some offbeat blends

Must be bored with apple flavor or giving your taste buds the height of sweetness, then it's high time to change your preference and make your bud quite sour with grape flavors. Grape flavors are the favorite things that come to mind when I think about alcohol and tobacco pairings. Many alcohol lovers love the grape flavor and implement this on cocktail and mocktail recipes.

However, grape flavors come in different flavors that offer bitterness than a real grape sometimes. But, if you are looking forward to having slight sweetness during the session, Ugly grape and Grape Mint would be the perfect flavor to go with Tangiers White Grape; also, Trifecta true grape would be a soulful treat to your taste bud.

Don't forget peach and berries, the wildest and sensational fruits to offer exotic flavor. These delightful fruits provide a more natural, rustic end to cocktails, and I can bet this would be your best invention forever. Sometimes, sweet drinks can oversaturate your taste bud, so beware of these things and implement these procedures. Most corresponding hookah flavors are strawberry margarita that is paired with Mazaya or Argelini strawberry. Although many experiments have taken place, experts have concluded that citrus tone and berry decadence always go hand in hand. Long island iced tea or twisted tea, or hard iced tea, are perfect for balancing the proportion of the alcohol. The long island also enhances the taste bud with an earthy tone and plays with peach.

al fakher

If you are bored with the same old apple flavor, you can try out

Minty Mint

Now, this one is my favorite and a sweet, fresh flavor to everyone, I believe! Be it bloody mary or blue lagoon, or spiced tea, you can find mint almost everywhere if you are pretty passionate about this flavor! Have you ever imagined a mint hookah flavor? If not, then try them today; trust me, it will offer you an immense experience and focus on enhancing your taste bud.

Mint is just the substitute for peppermint. When I used to have peppermint, I realized the greatness of mint, and soon, the thing became one of my favorites. While you believe in alfakher to get the optimum result, I can suggest some other consistent flavors to get the best out of the mint: Tangiers Cane Mint or Lavoo Dark mint with an absolute peppermint flavor.

We have discussed a lot about al fakher flavors, but shisha tobacco can be well established if quality ingredients exist. It depends on you how you will put your effort. Alfakher is basically hydro shisha tobacco that concentrates on the essential elements and believes in the best. So, now, our focus will be what are the ingredients that we need to get the best of al fakher especially if we talk about charcoal.

The flavor of al fakher has unique ingredients that give the best from the rest. You are probably a fan of other renowned and branded tobacco flavors. Being a fan of other flavor manufacturers, you should experience some different things at least once in a lifetime. Al fakher the individuality that no one could dare to offer. It has been derived and blended beautifully so that hookah smokers could enjoy every bit of the flavor!

These charcoal are best suited for al fakher tobacco.

  1. Natural Charcoals
  2. Coconut Charcoals

How many charcoal do I need exactly to get the flavor of Al Fakher?

However, there are no such limitations on that particular thing as it depends on your bowl. Though, this is perhaps one of the most essential and common questions asked by hookah enthusiasts. They often get confused about the quantity. But this depends on the tobacco, charcoal, and bowl used to have a typical hookah session.

If your coal is smart enough and lights up quickly, you can have 1 to 2 coals. These charcoal can be broken into halves before lighting. You can put a maximum amount of coals if your bowl has that much space.

If you are using natural charcoal, you need to put 3 to 4 charcoal. You also can use more giant bowls to put 2 to 3 hookahs at a time. All you need is to heat it properly to enjoy an excellent smoking time and its flavors.

An absolute adventure with al fakher

Really! It is, you will witness the fact once you are trying these blends and flavors for your next hookah session, if you are an insane fan of hookah smoking and love to experiment, then al fakher is made for you! Trust me; this one will never let you down. Besides all these extraordinary flavors, al fakher is putting its effort to experiment with more customized flavors. Apart from the primary hookah flavors, the al fakher brand is looking forward to accomplishing the goal of innovating the flavors through customization to have the most significant smoke you have ever witnessed before!

product review

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