A Guide to a Creative High

by Jena Riley 10 months ago in strains

The Best Ways to Stay Creative When You Smoke

A Guide to a Creative High

Pick The Right Strain

Of course I had to start with the most obvious one, everyone knows the strain you choose greatly effects the high, along with a few other important factors. Those who don't know this usually don't even give cannabis a second chance, most first time smokers don't realize how much a better strain can improve your experience. For me, I'm all about sativa and personally find they bring me the most creative energy but for some hybrid is easier to access and gives a more evenly balanced high; then there's the few remaining stoners that find the relaxed high of a indica sets them up for a relaxing night of creative thoughts. Anyway the most important part of all of this, my personal favourite strains that never fail to bring me into a creative headspace are; Gelato, Pineapple Express (yes this is a real strain and yes I've written my own stoner comedy after smoking it), Silver Kush, and to throw one Indica into the mix - Palm Tree.

Know What You're Working On

Before you even sit down to roll, make sure you know what you want to work on when the high settles in. Cannabis effects you in hundreds of different ways, it's very easy to let that distract you. If you know exactly what needs to get done but you're just not sure how to get there, have it ready to go and smoke until you know exactly what to do. Personally, if I turn around from a smoke sesh and have Netflix open on my laptop, I'll watch Netflix before anything else, but if I have a blank document open I'll let my creativity flow.

Positive Energy

As basic as it sounds, if the vibe isn't right you probably won't get much work done. This ones a lot more personalized, you have to create the right environment so when you smoke that's where the high will take you. If you want to relax and have a lazy Sunday, THC will gladly help you out and plant you right onto your couch for the day. If you want to get things done and make sure you have an energized mindset for the day, you have to set yourself up for that, give the high a path to take. The best ways to keep the energy up are; music (whichever vibe you play, will translate to your high), coffee (although this could also calm your high), exercise (I personally have recently discovered yoga to be the perfect energizer), or put them all together and have some fucking fun. Weed is all about body and mind - do your best to connect these two in a way that flows, and your creative energy will join.

Prepare A Small Snack, Nothing More

Every stoner knows all about the beautiful relationship between THC and food, it somehow makes your tastebuds mature and find joy in every bite you take. It's like my brother used to say, "when you're high, all food tastes like fucking gold - like literally I tried a drink with gold flakes once and it tasted insane, weed makes all food as good as that expensive shit." But too much food kills the high and puts you to sleep, so have a small snack nearby to feed into the munchies but don't let it take over your creative energy and pull you away from your work and into the hole of eating everything in your fridge until you sober up and starve until your next paycheque.

Anyway, I love using cannabis to relax but there's nothing that puts me into a more creative and productive zone than the right combination of everything above. So, if you still believe THC just creates lazy stoners, give all my suggestions a try and let me know. If you're still lazy, maybe cannabis just isn't for you.

Jena Riley
Jena Riley
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