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Hemp Flower From Oregon

CBD, or Cannabidiol, has taken the states by storm over the past few years. This is due to a few factors- exciting new research, innovative product development, and hundreds of thousands of satisfied CBD users.

However, it can also be confusing for first-time CBD buyers, who naturally have plenty of questions. Where to buy CBD online? What’s the difference between full-spectrum and CBD isolate? Which CBD vendor should I use?

At Cascadia Blooms, we’re passionate about growing organic, hand-grown, premium CBD hemp flower. Our farm in Oregon produces some of the best high-quality CBD in the states, and we love what we grow. So much so in fact, that we’ve written this article- 7 reasons to buy CBD flower from Cascadia Blooms!


Sadly, not all CBD is created equal. Any popular new product will have its fair share of imitations, and CBD is no different. Unfortunately, this means that when looking for CBD online you’re going to come across fake or poor quality CBD products. At best they simply don’t work, and at worst they could be bad for your health. The CBD industry has come a long way in tackling unscrupulous internet sellers, but it does still happen.

Cascadia Blooms is focused on quality and consistency. Every CBD flower we grow is subject to rigorous quality checks from seed to harvest. We also go that extra step and subject every batch to a full 3rd party lab test. This means that our CBD is not only the highest quality it can be, but also ensures that it is clean, safe, and completely legal in CBD tolerant states.

Zero THC, completely legal CBD

A part of the stringent quality process that each CBD hemp flower is subject to is to check the plant's legality. When it comes to cannabinoids, THC is the most infamous. THC is the chemical compound found in cannabis plants that give users the ‘high’ that is traditionally associated with marijuana.

At Cascadia Blooms, we are all about CBD. Every hemp flower we grow contains a healthy dose of full-spectrum, lab-tested CBD. What it is almost completely free of is THC. This means that for all the will in the world, you cannot get high from consuming our CBD flower. Our goal is to help you live a stress-free life with reduced anxiety and pain, not have you forgetting where you put your car keys for the 50th time.


CBD can be expensive for a variety of reasons. The obvious one is that companies know how to capitalize on your good nature, resulting in eye-watering markups on CBD oil and other supplements. Another reason, and a far more understandable one, is that the process of extracting CBD from the hemp plant can be expensive. CBD oil can go through a rather costly process before it hits the shelves and you’re the one left footing the bill.

We decided to back to the drawing board, with a focus on growing premium CBD hemp flower. Buying CBD flower is a cost-effective alternative to oils, bypassing the costly extraction process. Not only do you get the whole range of beneficial compounds present in the hemp plant, but you can rest assured that each bud is organic and pesticide-free, with no extra chemical nasties.

The Entourage Effect

CBD generally comes in one of two forms- CBD isolate, and full-spectrum CBD. CBD flower is considered a source of full-spectrum CBD, containing the full range of chemical compounds called cannabinoids

When you buy CBD flower from Cascadia Blooms, you get the full treatment. Every gorgeous green bud is packed with these beneficial cannabinoids, and this may give CBD flower the edge over CBD isolate. Studies have begun to show that when they work in synergy, these cannabinoids could boost the efficacy of your CBD. This is called the Entourage Effect, and it may be one of the many reasons our CBD flower is so well-loved!

We love feedback!

Speaking of love, there is a lot of it going around here at Cascadia Blooms. Not only do we love what we do, but it looks like our customers do as well. We are a firm believer in transparency- our 3rd party lab testing is an example- and we encourage our customers to provide honest feedback.

Browse through our reviews, and you begin to see the broad appeal CBD has. People from all walks of life are incorporating our CBD flower into their daily routines, and they’re taking the time to let us know how they feel. We appreciate constructive feedback, and we certainly appreciate the love that we’re feeling from returning customers.

Our CBD flower may stand out on its own, but continual positive press and reviews go a long way to backing up what we already know- this is premium CBD flower, from a trusted source.


Your body is unique, and your own experiences with CBD may vary- always check with your medical professional when considering CBD. Different strains may have different effects on people, and what may work for one person may need to be addressed slightly differently with another.

This is why CBD flower is so popular- each of our CBD flower strains comes with a full guide, outlining everything from the flavor profile to expected effects. Choose from Sativa dominant strains to help keep you focused through the day and deal with anxiety, and Indica dominant strains to help with sleep and relaxation.

If you’re unsure of where to start, you can also opt for a sampler pack which contains a selection of our ‘greatest hits’. Whatever you choose, you can be confident that you’re going to receive high-quality CBD flower.

CBD flower has multiple uses

There’s more than one way to use a bud. Understandably many of our customers smoke our CBD flower in joints, blunts, or vapes, but did you know you can use CBD in edibles too? If you’re gastronomically minded, our CBD flower can be used for anything from a garnish to our famous CBD cannabutter. A little inspiration in the kitchen goes a long way, from CBD cocktails to vegan CBD tostadas.

Final thoughts

By now, we may have given you the impression that we think our CBD hemp flower is the absolute bee’s knees. That’s intentional, and we’re confident you’ll think so too. Whether you’re new to CBD or are just looking for the best CBD flower available online, we’ve got you covered. Check out our store, read the reviews, and see what all the fuss is about!

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