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7 Best Ways to Clean CBD Vaping Devices

by Ross Geller 11 months ago in how to

Cbd Vaping Devices.

Vaping is one of the most effective methods of CBD consumption. Since it enters directly into your bloodstream through your lungs, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for the effects to kick in when you vape CBD. Products related to vaping, such as vaping kits, e-liquids etc, can be easily found in bricks and mortar stores, as well as with online sellers such as www.cbdoil.co.uk.

So, it’s not surprising that many of the 6 million UK adults who consume CBD have a vaping device at their homes. But if you want to enjoy a fresh taste and get the full benefits of CBD, you need to ensure that your vaping device is clean as a whistle.

This is sometimes easier said than done, so let’s take a look at the best ways to clean your CBD vaping device.

First Thing’s First — Disassemble Your Vaping Device

You cannot hope to clean your CBD vaping device thoroughly unless you disassemble it. Regardless of the brand, type, and appearance of a vaping device, it’s still composed of several different parts that can be clogged up with gunk and need to be disassembled before cleaning.

You have the vape tank, coils, mouthpiece, atomizer, battery, etc. You’ll need to separate them all carefully and memorize where each piece goes.

Before you start cleaning your device, remember to remove the battery. You don’t want to mix water and battery, so this is an essential step. You can use dry Q-tips for cleaning the battery and other electronic accessories.

With this in mind, let’s see the top 7 ways to clean the rest of your vaping device. It’s all much easier than it seems.

Use Warm Water

If your vaping device isn’t too dirty, you can easily clean it by rinsing it under warm water. Take apart the tank, rinse each separate piece, tap it dry with a towel, and set it aside to air dry thoroughly. Only once each piece is completely dry should you reassemble the tank and the rest of your vaping device.

In case it’s been a while since the last time you’ve cleaned your tank, you might want to use a different approach. Fill a bowl with hot water and place the tank parts in it. Wait until the water has cooled down to remove the parts and gently clean them with a Q-tip. Leave to air dry, then reassemble your CBD vaping device.

Rinse Your CBD Vaping Device with PG

Propylene glycol, or PG, has many different uses and is a powerful cleaning agent. You can use it instead of water to keep your CBD vaping device clean and shiny. All you have to do is place your disassembled vaping tank in a bowl filled with PG. Leave it there for a couple of hours and let it air dry before you reassemble your device.

This is an excellent CBD vaping device cleaning method, as it will remove any flavour left from your e-liquid.

Baking Soda Is an Excellent Cleaning Agent

A little more labour-intensive but a very effective way to clean your CBD vaping device is with baking soda. For the best result, you’ll want to use a dedicated toothbrush.

Wet the toothbrush, dip it in baking powder, and use it for separately cleaning each piece of the tank. Rinse everything with warm water, dry it out, and you’ll be good to go.

Vinegar Can Work Wonders

Vinegar is acidic and can be used for cleaning many stubborn stains; it’s even useful for removing clogs. You can dip a Q-tip or cotton pad in vinegar, clean your device, then rinse it out with plenty of water.

As you’re well aware, vinegar has a strong scent that will linger on. It’s important to rinse your CBD vaping device thoroughly if you want to remove the smell of vinegar.

Vodka Is a Good Alternative

If you lack any better cleaning products, you can always use vodka to clean your CBD vaping device. It’s durable, effective, and will keep your device sparkling clean.

Don’t soak the device in vodka, however. Just use a Q-tip dipped in vodka to remove any built-up dirt, and as always — leave each part to air dry completely.

Use Ethanol for Cleaning Your CBD Vaping Device

Ethanol, known as grain alcohol, is an excellent method of cleaning your vaping device. Just don’t mix it up with isopropyl. Isopropyl alcohol can be dangerous, and you don’t want to ingest or inhale it.

Ethanol is a safe alternative that will clean up the gunk from your vaping device and keep it looking brand new.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Is Expensive but Effective

If you can, you should always use an ultrasonic cleaner. It’s a pricey device that’s primarily used for cleaning jewellery or precious metals, but it’s worth it in the long run.

You’ll need to add some water to the device, place your disassembled vape tank in it, and let the ultrasonic cleaner do its job. It’s the easiest and the most thorough method of cleaning your CBD vaping devices.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter so much which cleaning method you choose; it’s all up to your preferences. What’s important is to clean your CBD vaping device regularly. It will ensure that it lasts longer and that the taste of your CBD e-liquid is always fresh and pleasant.

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