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6 Tips to Select the Ideal Vape Shop Products

At the same time, in a dynamic market, new vape hardware and accessories produced each month require you to stay abreast of the trends. Selling your products at low prices would earn you a profit or break even.

By iewholesale onlinePublished 4 months ago 4 min read

At the same time, in a dynamic market, new vape hardware and accessories produced each month require you to stay abreast of the trends. Selling your products at low prices would earn you a profit or break even.

In a dynamically changing vaping market with new products, vape store owners and vape wholesalers in the USA might likely make purchasing mistakes. Below we offer tips on selecting the best vape products for your store.

Get added to manufacturers’ mailing list:

Manufacturers regularly undertake product research and development (R&D) and manufacturing initiatives to release them in the market. Depending upon the feedback of these products, brands iterate instantly to launch advanced products.

So, serve as a point of contact with vaping hardware and e-liquid manufacturers. To do so, adding yourself to manufacturers’ mailing lists is a must to receive crucial product information and insights on wholesale vapor supplies in the USA in real time. Some product lines have more probability of being successful in the market. So, knowing their release date can give you an edge in the market (and you would be the first to sell them to your customers).

Conduct data analysis

Put a point of sales system (POS) in place to evaluate which products are selling and which are not. A functioning POS shows which product categories are in demand and buyer histories (identifying buyer preferences and patterns).

Assess what products to stock:

Stay mindful of the identical products offered across wholesale e-cig supply shops. Stocking these must-have product categories in your inventory is a must:

At least two types of vape starter kits are a mix of mid-range and high-end price products.

A variety of pod systems and disposable vapes.

Advanced vape tanks for sub-ohm devices.


Smart battery chargers.

18650 batteries

Coils that can fit all tanks (as these would be repeat purchases).

E-liquid with various nicotine strengths and PG/VG ratios.

Pay attention to product reviews:

You can also discover the best vape supplies wholesale products by assessing the product reviews. While glancing through the reviews, pay attention to the number of viewers who have seen the product. If this product viewing number is high, the product is in high demand. Refer to the comments that are in the video or article format. Initially, praise and product recommendations (or comparisons with close substitutes) would follow. Acclaimed websites or channels having vape product reviews include Rip Trippers, Vaping 360, and My Vape Review.

Tune in to the digital space:

Before social media increased as much as it has today, it was challenging to stay in the know about the release of a brand faster than the rivals. Further, if you are unaware of the release of a product, you will not add it to the inventory (due to a lack of information). So, vape brands can and must use social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) to brand, generate awareness about, and hype their products.

Such an awareness initiative would bring wholesale vapor supplies in the USA into the sight of vapers, motivating vape shop owners to stock these products. Given YouTube’s high viewership, it has a high following and impact. Include watching YouTube videos regularly to discover upcoming vaping products having high potential. Keep an eye on the engagement metric of the product and its hype. Also, use Reddit and other vaping forums for product branding and marketing.

Low purchase, high sales:

On the lines of getting listed on multiple manufacturers’ mail lists to get information about new vape products, manufacturers also offer product markdowns. When they do so, it is the right time to purchase at considerably low prices to sell at high prices. In such a situation, you can also buy wholesale disposable vape supplies in the USA in bulk, and then you can also negotiate for a better deal.


While this article is not offering an exhaustive list of various areas of product discovery for stocking in your vape shop, it still gives the best stocking tips. It is also advised to join the vape community online or in your area by reading the reviews and participating in forums to learn more about vape products.

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