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6 Kushmas Gift Ideas for the Sativa-lover in Your Life

by Casper Tales 5 months ago in product review · updated about a month ago
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by Alex Caspary

Primo Bud

Wake up, son! It's time for a list. You're not Santa, so you don't have to check it twice. But give it a read, bud. It could be the definitive guide to figuring out what to get your favorite Sativa-lover this Kushmas -- err, Christmas.

1) Houndstooth by Tweed.

This strain I first tried during a full moon on Halloween, and I legit transformed into a werewolf. My high score: 9/10

2) Franco's Lemon Cheese Pre-Rolls by 48North.

Great joints, perfect packaging. I shared a couple of these with a friend, and we had a blast.

3) Amsterdam Sativa by Highly Dutch

Jared from Cannabis Station sold me this, telling me it tasted like old school weed, and very strong. In my opinion, the high THC made me trip balls with tons of uplifting energy. Pure art. Great mixed with Peppermint Mocha and sex.

4) Chocolate Fondue by DNA Genetics

Nice hint of chocolate infusion. Sweet, deep, tasty sativa. A great burn, and keeps me toasty in the Winter. Dana from Fire and Flower in Edmonton loves this strain.

5) Sage & Sour by MTL

The only thing to do on this strain is get lost in your own mind. Be sure to pack plenty of snacks, and keep the good tunes ready.

6) Amnesia Super Haze by Thumbs Up Brand

What year is it? Everything is foggy, and I can't remember my own name. Best weed for the price point. If I remember correctly, this one had 30% THC, was $28 for 3.5 grams, and slammed me on my ass as soon as I toked.

Runner up: Marley Gold by Marley Natural. Good-sized buds, good-sized buzz.

Thanks for reading.

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And now, for the story...

Weed Cat's Christmas by Casper Tales

It was a snowy Christmas, and Jay the Weed Cat was worried.

He didn't know if he could get to all the houses on Christmas Eve, and deliver primo Kush to all the good stoners of the world.

Of course, he knew what would result if he didn't. No one would get high, and Christmas would be ruined. Even worse, people might only get socks for Christmas from you-know-who. Jay was determined not to let that happen.

He had an idea. He would need help.

Jay called Al, retired Weed Cat, and asked to borrow his special magic. Al was a wise old kitty, and had kept a little extra magic just in case he would be called upon in need, one last time.

Al opened his spell book, and turned to page 420. There is was: the Sleigh.

Was Al really suggesting what Jay was thinking?

"What do you have in mind?" asked Jay.

"You must stow-away on Santa's Sleigh. Hurry now, if you're able. And slip the weed into Santa's cookies on the table," rhymed Al.

"You talk in verse now?" puzzled Jay.

Al smiled, "Quickly, away! And stay out of sight. By morn' the stoners will have a special delight. Weed cookies that Santa left over last night! Go, Weed Cat -- and don't forget: Take a bite!"

So, Christmas was saved, all thanks to Jay. Weed Cat hid silently in the back of the sleigh.

Three Cheers for The Weed Cat! Hip, hip, hooray!

A note about Weed Cat:

As you know, it's Weed Cat's job to steal your high thoughts and ideas, leaving you groggy and hazy the next day. All those thoughts get stored in the clouds. Then Weed Cat writes them all down in books -- pen to paper. The trees, which is a broad term for plants, vegetation, herb, etc., get the high ideas back in a sense. But not really.

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Casper Tales

Age: 36

Insurance broker by day, library owl by night. Avid writer, proud father, devoted husband, and novice chess player. B.Sc. from Queen's University.

Currently living in Alberta with my wife and two children.

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