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5 Ways to Keep Your Vape Batteries Lasting Longer


By Jessica SmithPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

The past decade has seen increasing interest in vaping. Research indicates that vaping could be a more effective way of consuming certain herbs. Also, some suggest that vaping could be a safer mode of ingestion of herbs such as Marijuana, which eliminates the need for tobacco and harmful residues from smoking. Some also share that the experience of using vape pens gives them a far more intense feeling of the herb compared to various other methods.

The most crucial factor that determines a pleasant experience with a vape pen is the type and quality of the pen you choose. You can visit websites, which have a catalogue of designs and varieties of vape pens, with varying capabilities to select the one that suits you the best. When it comes to picking the right vape pen, there are certain aspects you need to look out for; the material of the vape pen, the refill type, battery life, quality, and levels of filter are a few factors that you need to pay attention to, to purchase a good pen.

Digging deeper into a critical component, the battery life of your vape pens is a crucial point to keep in mind. Users often complain about a low battery that ruins the experience with these pens. Also, charging it too often, and replacing the batteries frequently become too much work and require a lot of money. The secret to prolonging your vape pens battery life depends on following small tips and tricks. These tricks will ensure you save up your battery efficiently, and also avoid problems such as overheating that could cause your cells to drain out fast. Here are five tips that can enhance your battery life a lot.

1. Choose the right fit:

When it comes to batteries, the trick is to charge them right. The first step is to choose the right charger. Charger designs are specific to fit a few modules, and selecting the appropriate one for your battery is essential. The correct charger ensures the right amount of power is delivered and reduces stress, while charging. Next step is to be mindful how much you charge your battery. Charging it fully sounds like it will help you enjoy the juice for long. But charging 100 percent can ruin your battery. Make sure you only charge up to 85-90 percent. Remove it from charge when it reaches this level. The final step is to make sure you place your batteries for charging at the right time. Using your vape batteries till the last drop could ruin the life cycle of your battery. It could strain your battery to kick off from zero every time. Hence make it a habit to place your battery for charge when it reaches about 20-30 percent. This habit ensures your battery lasts longer, and stays alive for more astronomical charge cycles.

2. Power off when not in use:

It is a common misconception that electronic appliances do not drain power in sleep mode or when not in use. There is a small amount of current always running in the system, which means you are draining the battery, even when you are not using your vape pen. Hence make it a point to switch off your pens when you are done using them. This habit will make sure your battery usage is efficient. Also not draining away power continuously will help your battery last more between charge cycles. This way, you can enjoy the e-juice available at online vape Canada longer.

3. Store your batteries right:

We often tend to ignore how we store our batteries after use. Take, for example, you carry your vape pen with you all day. You might remove the battery and place it in your pocket. This habit will cause dirt or dust deposit on the sides of the nodes. When you place the battery inside the pen, the dirt creates a disturbing connection between the appliance and the battery, thus draining more than required. This type of problem is common if you do not store your batteries properly. Also, habits such as placing your cells in high-temperature environments, such as under direct sunlight, or near appliances such as refrigerators or TVs damages them. These appliances heat up and cause the lifespan of the batteries to fall significantly. Carry a case with you at all times to place the batteries inside it.

4. Keep your vape pens clean:

Your vape pens require lots of power to heat the sample at a high temperature. Hence the essential requirement from your battery is quite high compared to many appliances. In this case, offering the ideal scenario for best heating practices ensures that your battery does not drain out too soon. Make it a habit to clean every part of your vape pen, including the battery connector to ensure it gets adequately powered. Clean the filters to ensure there are no residues that might choke the outlets, hence requiring more power to offer the same efficiency. Invest in vape pens, which have maximum removable parts, as this will make cleaning comparatively easier. This step also ensures you experience the best from your pens when you are using beneficial varieties for medicinal benefits. The chances for overheating and reheating of old bud residues also reduce in this case.

5. Invest in a second pair of battery and alternate between them:

If you have a habit of using your vape pens often, then the second pair of battery is a brilliant investment. A second pair allows you to switch between your batteries, which can ensure both of them stay alive longer. They will also last more charge cycles, given the stress is now shared between the two batteries. A critical point to keep in mind, in this case, is to use the two batteries equally. While saving your battery in your bag for a long time for backup seems like a good idea, this also ruins the battery life. Idle batteries start losing efficiency. Hence, switch between these batteries at least every three days. This practice can expand the life for both batteries, and ensure you enjoy the e-juices longer. With all these tips, it is essential to remember that vaping the right CBD oil is also a significant aspect. For this, frequent readings of CBD Product reviews is important, and you can compare the products from a website like gosmokefree.co.uk.

Try to use your device daily. It could be even for a small duration, but this keeps the batteries in the right momentum to work efficiently. Also, as a precaution, never charge the vape pen batteries when in use. The pass-through charging can make this unhealthy, and the risk of explosions or other issues is higher in this case, as the stress doubles on the battery. With these amazing tips, you can extend your battery life to make your vape pens stay longer and work efficiently.

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