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5 Killer Quora Answers on CBD Oil

Answers On CBD Oil

By Ross GellerPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

In the past decade, marijuana was legalized in many places, and people started exploring its medicinal uses. Recently, there has been an upsurge in CBD oil products as a way to get the reported therapeutic benefits of the plant without the high that comes with THC.

Even though it’s become popular, many people are still on the fence and want to know more about CBD oil before they decide to try it out. And, of course, everyone looking for answers turns to the internet’s most popular Q&A site, Quora.

We did a little browsing to find the five most popular questions about CBD oil on Quora, and we’re going to give you five straight-to-the-point, definitive answers.

What does CBD oil do?

It is a fairly straightforward question that you would expect from anyone new to the topic, but a difficult one to answer in a few short lines. Here’s the short version of the available facts – CBD oil has been shown to have a positive effect on:

● Anxiety – a lot of people report feeling calmer and less anxious when using CBD. A recent experiment showed that socially anxious people who were given CBD engaged in a public speaking exercise without experiencing any significant discomfort or panic. Another study showed significantly decreased anxiety in test subjects within one month of treatment.

● Depression – the benefits of CBD for people with depression goes beyond the supplement merely soothing them and limiting symptoms, as studies have implied that CBD can affect different neurotransmitters in the brain, causing cellular and molecular changes. It can prove to be a good antidepressant, with far fewer side-effects than the commonly available synthetic drugs.

● Chronic pain – at this point, the analgesic effects of CBD have been well-studied and demonstrated to be sufficient to treat chronic pain, with minimal to no adverse effects.

● Childhood epilepsy syndromes – a lot of tests have been done showing CBD to be good at alleviating epilepsy symptoms and preventing seizures. The FDA has even approved a CBD-based drug as a treatment for the most serious of such diseases.

As you can see, some of the effects CBD is known for in the broader public are not a point of contention, as several studies have shown clear benefits in certain scenarios. That brings us to the next question.

Is CBD oil a placebo scam?

In short, NO. As demonstrated in the studies linked in the previous question, CBD has actual, observable, replicable, and statistically significant effects on the brain’s biochemistry.

That being said, outside of the main uses outlined above, there is little to no evidence yet of CBD significantly improving other conditions. For example, many people will suggest it for treating insomnia, and some research confirms possible benefits, but one of the above studies has shown no real benefits in this area.

One of the cases mentioned in the above link is of a girl who was threatened for PTSD using CBD, and as the symptoms of her psychological distress eased off, she began sleeping well again. Insomnia is a complex issue, with more than one cause, and while CBD may treat some causes, in other cases, it may have no effect, so the research is still inconclusive.

Above all else, be wary of any new-age sales pitches and people touting CBD as a miracle cure-all tonic.

Does CBD oil help with anxiety and depression?

Yes, CBD can help with anxiety and depression. However, the extent to which it is beneficial, how it should be used, and with what other interventions still needs to be studied more carefully. Refer to the first question for links to studies showing promising results.

Is CBD oil OK to give to dogs?

While dogs can handle CBD in smaller doses with no harmful side-effects, you shouldn’t just give it to them to get them to relax and circumvent proper training and regular walks. There is some evidence that dogs with osteoarthritis can become more mobile and look more comfortable. In that study, dogs were given CBD in doses of 2 and 8 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, with no adverse effects.

Does CBD oil work for pain?

When used for chronic pain, CBD has been shown to work reasonably well in a lot of studies, though some show minimal effects, and some are inconclusive. The 2017 NASEM Report suggested that there was enough evidence to support the claim that cannabis derivatives like CBD can be used for chronic pain.

These have been the five most burning questions on CBD oil that people ask on Quora, and we hope we’ve provided some killer answers that can help you.

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