5 cannabis strains for the winter season (2020)

Let's know what are the top five cannabis strains for winter.

5 cannabis strains for the winter season (2020)

Anyone who stays in the US knows how to gear up for the winter holidays. Picking up the finest Christmas tree, making a list of resolutions, shopping for gifts, chowing down on sumptuous food, planning parties, and a lot more. The list can go on forever because it is that time of the year. Perhaps one of your favorites because you love family gatherings and pompous celebrations or maybe not because you feel deterred by the idea of celebration. But don’t feel discouraged. For one reason, winters are getting longer and you will be either packed inside a warm blanket or probably heading to a slope for an adventurous excursion. Chances are the chills of winter weather that will get in your way. However, don’t let winter get in your way and beat the chills with the help of these cannabis strains.

Keep the winter blues away with Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is an iconic strain bred under a care-filled environment and crafted skillfully. Got discovered in the 1990s and since then has been successful in changing the lives of people who have a hard time getting through the day. This Sativa dominant strain has hints of Indica which keeps an individual energized and upbeat all the time.

If I talk about its genetic lineage you will definitely find a good genetic cross. Super Silver Haze is a cross between some of the finest buds on earth - Northern Light (Indica), Haze (Sativa), and Skunk No. 1 (Hybrid). I am sure all these strains ring a bell of supreme quality to you. This is the reason why Super Silver Haze has gained so much attention and recognition in the past few years. So, if you are feeling the winter blues, all sad and depressed, fearful of the chills, give Silver Haze a try.

Jack Herer tastes just like Christmas

Did you know that Jack Herer was actually a person and this strain has been named after him? Yes, you heard it right, Jack Herer was an individual who fought vigorously for the legalization of hemp and marijuana. Just like Jack Herer this strain also has exquisite qualities. A unique and delicious flavor, a perfect high, outstanding quality leaves, energizing effects, and above all medicinal potential. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Jack Herer is definitely a full package.

It has a distinct yet delectable aroma with a hint of earthy and forest-like taste. Every time you light up the strain you will feel close to a Christmas tree. This is why it is the perfect Christmas strain. In fact, if you are someone who looks forward to having an energy-filled winter season, you can opt for Jack Herer. The strain works effectively and kicks as soon as you light it up. Not only this but it can also create an atmosphere for hysterical laughter, heartfelt conversations, and maximum fun.

Northern Lights for playing out in the snow

Northern Lights originate from Holland but some people believe that this flower was first bred in Seattle. That’s a debate for another day, however, the general notion is that Northern Lights originates from Sensi seeds and got discovered somewhere around 1985. It’s believed that whoever created Northern Lights did an impeccable job. It has a magnificent genetic lineage and will leave you with a blissful high.

Bred by combining Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa, Northern Lights comes with a 90% Indica and a 10% Sativa ratio. But do not expect this strain to work like the strains mentioned above. This strain will have quite the opposite effect on you. It is heavily packed with tetrahydrocannabinol and never disappoints individuals who are seeking a pleasant high. Instead, only after a few puffs you will feel start feeling its full-blown effects. Eventually, it will leave you in a playful mood and the spirit to play outside in the snow.

Spend time with your family and Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian is an eye-pleaser with orange and light green leaves. It is always coated with sparkling trichomes and bred under favorable circumstances. If you are looking to have a good time with the family, Blue Hawaiian is your go-to strain. Not only this but this strain also a hybrid. This means that it brings from Hawaiian Sativa and Blueberry. Blue Hawaiian will give you a balanced high and you will never feel over the top. In turn, you can carry out conversations without giving your family signs of insanity.

Snuggle in your blanket with a warm cup of Raspberry Kush

One of the striking qualities of this strain is that it has a great taste. You can include it in a no. of dishes and feel the lazy day. It will calm you as soon as you take the first hit and you will suddenly feel the urge to slide inside the blanket. Raspberry Kush has a berry and cream like aroma. This means that you will be successful at cooking something good out of this strain.

Raspberry is an Indica dominant strain and many people believe that it is great for making art, music and spending a cozy evening with friends. This strain is also used for treating pain but mostly for the purpose of relaxation which may be helpful for people who feel stressed all throughout the day. So, what are you waiting for? Just apply for a medical marijuana card in California and see if Raspberry Kush can manage your anxiety and relieve you from stress. I hope you like this list and don’t forget to fill these dreary winters with the colors of cannabis.

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