420TV Brings A Subculture To The Mainstream

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The California-based 420TV is elevating the talk about cannabis culture and the lifestyle.

420TV Brings A Subculture To The Mainstream
Bringing a Subculture to The Mainstream - Source Unsplash

We are witnessing major changes where a lot of things that were frowned upon, or considered inappropriate, are becoming mainstream. The talk about cannabis is no exception, as we see the conversation around it evolving to new levels every day. The California-based 420TV, and the entrepreneurs behind this OTT streaming service are the trailblazers in these historic times, and are bringing cannabis-friendly content to the world.

The Idea

First off– the name. 420TV is derived from the code term a group of California teens created for consuming cannabis. So, anyone familiar with, or curious about the culture can make an immediate association.

The minds behind the niche VOD service have the intention of breaking stereotypes around cannabis by creating content that is multi-dimensional, informative, and entertaining. By presenting the industry insights with a different approach, they are trying to change the flippant, derogatory way the cannabis story is told in the media today.

Also, this type of content has the potential to be more than welcomed by the niche community looking for high-quality content on their topic of interest.

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The Shows on 420TV

From animated series, to real stories of people who benefited from using medicinal marijuana, to political, business, and entrepreneurial aspects of cannabis–it looks like there’s something for everyone at 420TV.

Super Slackers

The creator of this animated series is David Silverman, the director of The Simpsons. It’s about a group of friends who gain superpowers after consuming a new strain of weed the government used in an experiment. A professor who finds out about it wants to train them to become superheroes, which is a huge challenge because the only thing they want to do is watch TV and play video games.

Top Shelf with Dr. Dina

Dr. Dina, the crowned Queen of Medical Marijuana in LA, host the show and takes the audience on a cannabis trip around the US in pursuit of top marijuana. She provides her candid opinion about the recreational, or medicinal products, and compares cannabis cultures across the regions.

Medical Marijuana Miracles

The program explores the real stories of people (and pets) who have experienced healing benefits from using medicinal cannabis. The series is shot by Scratch Creative production house from LA.

In Amsterdam

Hosted by Veronica van Hoogdalem, this series shows the cannabis culture and lifestyle in Amsterdam–the world’s most marijuana-friendly capital. Viewers can see how cannabis is a part of the Dutch lifestyle, including cuisine, health, and fashion.

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Trae tha Truth

Animated comedy series produced by White Oak Music Group, tells a story loosely based on the life of the hip-hop artist Trae tha Truth. The artist even voices his alter ego, and is joined by many influencers and rappers. Some celebrity guest voices that appear in the animated series are Snoop Dogg, Riff Raff, Marlon Wayans, B-Real, and Omar Epps among others.


The original mini-documentary series from 420TV talks to the established, and emerging, innovators from the cannabis industry, and presents their business insights into this rapidly growing industry.

Pot Cast

Daily news program about the legal marijuana industry, and the political, business, financial, and cultural features of the cannabis industry.

The Tech Behind 420TV

The original content for 420TV is shot in amazing 4K, allowing users to see the video content on all devices from widescreen, 4K-HDR LED smart TV sets, to smartphones. It’s available for iOS and Android and other devices through the OWNZONES multi-platform distribution network including their distribution partners such as Comcast, Amazon, Roku, and Apple TV.

The channel launches with age-verification tech to make sure all users are of the right age to access, and use, the platform, and that they are compliant to the rules and regulations.

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To Wrap the Story Up

The talk about cannabis is slowly, but surely becoming a part of the mainstream culture. 420TV has the potential of attracting viewers from boomers to millennials who are interested in all the aspects surrounding the cannabis culture and lifestyle. As part of these historic changes in the way we view all-things pot, we can only wait and see how things for this niche OTT channel will unfold.

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