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12 Tips to Sober Up From Weed

Simple ways to sober up

By Janine McCollum Published about a year ago 6 min read
12 Tips to Sober Up From Weed
Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

Feeling a bit too high? Yeah, we’ve all been there! Everyone from seasoned lifers to first-timers can find themselves wondering how to sober up from weed.

Relax because these feelings shall pass, it won’t last forever.

Here are some tips to help get over the side effects of too much cannabis consumption.

1. Don’t Panic

Hey, it’s easy to go in for a second brownie when the first takes too long to kick in or inhale a bit too much on a pristine new bong. Don’t panic!

Not panicking should be your first course of action the moment you feel your anxiety rising. Mentally calm yourself down by telling yourself to be cool.

Right now, we’d like you to Google, how many people have died of a THC overdose? The answer is nobody.

Sure, too much THC can give you a dry mouth, make you anxious, and even a little sleepy. However, a THC overdose doesn’t require medical attention like alcohol poisoning.

With that relief out of the way, you might not be in the clear just yet. You might need to try some of these other tips to counteract the effects of your bad high.

2. Sleep It Off

Sometimes the high is just a bit too much to bear. That’s okay. Sleep it off.

Why torture yourself with the paranoia and anxiety that comes from the overconsumption of marijuana? Turn off the chatter in your brain by getting a good night’s sleep.

Unlike alcohol poisoning, you don’t have to worry about suffocating in your sleep. You might just let out a lot of relaxed snores and have some interesting dreams.

3. Distract Yourself

Being high enhances your experience. That’s why our ancestors incorporated cannabis consumption into their spiritual rituals.

It helps calm the chatter in your mind so that you can hyperfocus on the task-at-hand. For our ancestors, that was enlightenment. For us, it might be killing it in Call of Duty, music, art or enjoying your munchies.

So, if you’re freaked out about a high lasting too long, find something that will take your mind off of it. Divert your hyperfocused attention to things that make you feel good.

Try putting on a funny movie. Talk with your friends. Go for a walk around the block. Just divert your brain from fixating on your high.

4. Deep Calming Breaths

It’s typical to get lost in your head when you’ve smoked too much pot or eaten too many edibles. You’ll notice in the moments that your breaths get shorter. Try elongating them.

Every time your mind races, go back to your breath. Think about each inhale and exhale consciously. If you’ve ever meditated, it’s essentially the same thing.

For those that feel comfortable, close your eyes. However, if you’ve smoked too much, closing your eyes might cause nausea. I’ve have personally had spins similar to alcohol.

One method of breathing that helps is the 4-7-8 technique. Breathe in for four seconds, hold for seven, and exhale for eight. Repeat this technique until you’re feeling calm.

5. Take a Shower

A little cold water will always be a nice shock to the system. It also stimulates your immune system, for all your health nuts out there! However, we digress.

Taking a cold shower will make you more alert. It won’t necessarily make the levels of THC in your system decrease. However, it can reduce side effects, such as anxious thoughts and sweating.

Don’t have the tolerance for cold water? Hot water can also be beneficial.

It helps with blood circulation, which can aid your metabolism. Since cannabinoids get stored in fat tissue, you want as much physical activity going on inside as possible!

6. Drink Water

A clutch tip for sobering up from weed is to hydrate. Water helps with the side effects of smoking marijuana, such as dry mouth and a burning throat.

When we smoke too much weed, these nuisances become amplified. They add to the bad experience. If you hydrate, it will lessen these effects and provide you with a better high.

Water also helps keep your digestive system going. You want to urinate as many cannabinoids as you can.

For those who don’t like water, consuming juice won’t suffice. Many juices are rich in myrcene, a plant-based compound that can intensify a high. Mangos are known to have a lot of myrcene.

Instead, opt for a light sweetener, like a Crystal Light. Even consider adding some lemon. Heat the water up to make a hot tonic with lemon and a dash of cracked black peppercorn.

7. Black Pepper

This might sound a bit odd, but if you’re a bit too high, trying gnawing on a black peppercorn! Black pepper contains a terpene known as beta-caryophyllene.

This molecule has strong antioxidant-like behavior that influences receptors in our brain. These same receptors are influenced by THC.

On its own, THC can cause paranoia and anxiety when it interacts with these receptors. When beta-caryophyllene enters the picture, it promotes a state of calm.

If you don’t like the taste of black pepper, sniff the corn. Terpenes are aromatic molecules and can stimulate the brain through our nasal cavity. Just make sure to break up the peppercorn a little bit first to release these beneficial molecules.

8. CBD Oil

Speaking of receptors, CBD oil derived from hemp also interacts with our receptors. Unlike beta-caryophyllene, CBD oil doesn’t bind to them. Instead, CBD oil influences the receptors’ reactions to other chemical compounds, much like

CBD is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid predominant in hemp. Meanwhile, THC is abundant in marijuana.

These two cannabis species live such polar lives, including their side effects. It’s only fitting that CBD oil would be one of the ways to sober up from being too high!

9. Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

Research with animal studies shows that anti-inflammatory drugs can help hinder the side effects of smoking marijuana. These pharmaceuticals limit conversation in the brain through the COX-2 signaling.

This effect not only stops THC from generating a high. It also protects the brain from developing neurodegenerative diseases!

10. Light Exercise

Feeling uncomfortable in your current situation? Get up and leave it.

When we’re under stress, our body produces hormones like cortisol. Cortisol causes us to feel panicked and jittery. As we get more in our heads, cortisol levels continue to increase.

Light exercise is a natural way to combat this increase in stress hormones. It produces endorphins that help promote a relaxed state.

A walk, yoga, or working with light weights will do just fine. Don’t start ramping up your workout routine. We’re trying to avoid added stress!

11. Essential Oils

Scents have a way of making us feel better about situations. That’s because terpenes in plants stimulate receptors in our nasal cavity that influence our brain. Therefore, essential oils help bring fast relief to someone in need of sobering up.

All essential oils are made with hundreds of terpenes. However, one terpene, in particular, seems to inhibit the effects of too much THC more than others — limonene.

Therefore, some of the best essential oils for getting over your high include:

* Wild Orange

* Lemon

* Grapefruit

* Bergamot

* Lavender

Diffuse essential oils with water in your room for cannabis-related anxiety relief over a longer period. However, for effects in just minutes, huff the aromas straight from the bottle.

You can also combine this step with the tip about drawing a bath to really make sure you come down from your high!

12. Caffeine

Many people who drink too much alcohol find relief from drinking coffee. These same beneficial effects seem to transpire with too much cannabis, as well.

Caffeine is a stimulant, which makes you feel more alert. It will reduce your fear and help you think about the situation more clearly.

This stimulant also promotes a metabolic process known as fat-browning. That’s when your fat tissue turns into a more efficient form of energy. Extra THC is also stored in this spot. So, caffeine will help you burn fat and the excess THC in your system.

Caffeine is also a diuretic. It makes you urinate more often, so you are more likely to relieve the cannabinoids from your system quicker.

Don’t go for seconds and thirds of the coffee. Too much joe will have you percolating like a freshly made pot. As we’ve discussed, you’ve already had too much anxiety and too much pot!

Do you have any tips you use for sobering up? Feel free to comment! Thank you for reading.

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