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10 Smart Ways to Hide Your Pot Stash

Hide your pot stash the smart way by using every day products as a disguise. Nobody will be able to tell the difference.

By Ami RoachPublished 6 years ago 5 min read
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Nearly 55 million Americans are active pot smokers—that’s about 22 percent of the population of the US. Within those 55 million, if you consider yourself a pothead, social smoker or one time user, chances are you know the distinct smell of weed and how just one gram can stink up an entire room. Although marijuana laws are loosening up, that doesn’t mean that you should go around smelling like a fresh jar of weed. There are clever ways that you can hide your pot stash to make it seem that you don’t have any at all, and will keep you from invading a room with that distinct scent.

Simply out of respect for others, the smallest amount of weed should be hidden and made smell proof. Pot smokers already have a negative stigma attached to them. It is time to change that. It is your job to redefine what it means to be a stoner and stash your pot not only for yourself, but for the betterment of the marijuana community. With the use of weed diversion safety stashes, stashing your pot is easier and more entertaining than ever before. Not only do these devices hide the smell, but they also cleverly and conveniently hide your stash in plain sight. Forget the plastic bags and dryer sheets; there are smarter ways to stash your pot as if you wouldn’t even know it’s there yourself.

Designed to look exactly like your favorite beverage, these diversion cans will not only give the illusion of a closed can, but will also hide smells of your weed no matter how large your stash is.

Usually, these stash spots are handcrafted from the can itself, making it completely identical and believable. Unlike a glass jar, the can's exterior blocks view of what's inside. It also weighs the same as a full can and has a screw off top which you place your marijuana in. Not only are these great to hide your stash in, but they are also great for storing money and valuables.

Everyone owns a hair brush, but not everyone owns a diversion hairbrush. You will never know the difference. With a secret false top, it unscrews so you can place your pot inside and seal it to completely hide any smells.

Take it with you in your purse, bag, leave it in your car or keep it at home. Nobody will expect weed to be stashed inside such a common beauty product. Most people don’t need to hide their hair brushes so it serves as a great diversion device for any pot smoker.

Toilet paper can be found in any household, which is what makes it a perfect product for storing your stash. The trick is to find a hollow roll diversion and place a regular holder over it.

Open the roller and stash your belongings in there while it holds your toilet paper. The air sealed product will keep any smell from leaking and no questions will be asked. Use this if you live at home with your parents or have a straight-edge roommate and need to hide the smell of marijuana. They will never know the difference between a regular roll and a diversion one because nobody will ever stop to check.

Since the emergence of Google, it is a rare act for someone to pick up a dictionary and look through it, which is why it is a perfect tool to hide your pot stash. Dictionaries are usually very thick considering the amount of words in the English language.

With a hollow interior, the diversion dictionary is a great stash spot to store all of your marijuana products: weed, pipe, papers and lighter. Keep the dictionary in plan view so that nobody would be suspicious about it and open it. The more you treat it as a regular dictionary, the more people will perceive it as one. It looks like a real book and will blend in seamlessly into your bookshelf.

Everyday personal hygiene products are among the best places to stash your pot. Perfect for cars, tight spaces, or just to grab on the go, deodorant diversion will have everyone fooled, possibly even yourself.

These products are usually made from the genuine product container so it will look identical to the actual product. Safely hide your weed in plain sight, because nobody will think twice about a deodorant stick. It's convenient when you're wondering where to stash your weed while traveling. Besides, if your car was ever broken into, the last thing they would steal is a used deodorant stick. Your weed will be safe inside.

While marijuana may still be too taboo to many, cigarettes are definitely not. People are more used to seeing cigarettes laying around than joints and blunts, and it is much more widely accepted.

The cigarette one hitter is one of the most common yet most stealthy ways to take a hit of weed on the go. Pull it out, light it up like a cig and then put it back in your pocket before anyone else notices. If people see you with a cigarette in your hand rather than a joint, they will assume that you are among the rest of the tobacco smokers. It's also extremely helpful when you need to blend in to get away with smoking weed in public. Nobody has to know the truth.

For all of the lady stoners out there, this one’s for you. We all know how weird some people get at the sight of tampons. Use this to your advantage! As a woman, you sometimes hide these anyway, so these are perfect.

Roll up a joint, toss them in your fake tampons and continue to outsmart everyone else around you. These are perfect to take in to concert venues or anywhere else that has security because nobody will ever throw away your feminine products.

Paper towels can be found in everyone’s household. It serves as a perfect tool to hide even your smelliest stashes. The trick is to find a hollow tube that you place inside your paper towel. People almost never check to see if anything is inside the tube. Because it is so large, you can hide your pipe, weed and maybe a lighter or two safely without ever having to worry about it smelling up a room.

Stash underwear is the newest trend. Both comfortable and convenient, hiding your stash in your underwear is easier now than ever. If you need to be completely secretive of your stash, then these are a go-to because nobody is going to catch you unless they walk up to you and grab you in a place where you do not want to be grabbed, but what are the chances of that happening? These stash underwear are made for both men and women so find a pair you like and make a fashion statement as well as storing your stash.

If you do not already know, Kangol is a shoe and clothing line specifically designed to stash your weed without it being discovered by the police. For the most part, cops have caught onto this line’s purpose, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is familiar with it.

Most people are unaware of the brand Kangol, so it is a perfect experiment to try on your next outing. In urban settings where this type of clothing will go unnoticed, stash your pot in a Kangol hat.

Get creative with how you hide your pot stash. There are so many objects we use on an everyday basis that provide the perfect home for your little nug buds. The best part? Not only will you blend in with everyone else, but your paranoia of getting caught will be non-existent.

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