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10 Best Cannabis Essential Oils

Brighten your mood and spirits with the best cannabis essential oils, which add relaxation to your cleansing experiences.

By Alfred TaerzPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

I'm a sucker for anything new in the world of cannabis, but surprisingly I've come to discover that cannabis essential oils are not as new as I expected. What makes them so irresistible and sought after are their enriching smells, which is more commonly referred to as aromatherapy. Different smells and even feels react to different people, so if you're new to essential oils, try them all out to find your perfect balance of calm and awareness. Don't forget to pick up some of the best essential oil diffusers while you're at it!

Nothing brings me back to my senses more than the soft and soothing rush of morning breeze mixed with a hint of a dewy grass smell that is irresistible. If that very emotion—if that's what you consider it—could be bottled up and infused with CBD, then Hemp Essentials has your fix.

Though it's nothing quite like smoking actual marijuana, Hemp by Rosemary Creek is one of the best cannabis essential oils for delivering an aromatherapy compound that targets both physical and mental phenomena. It's sort of like you're high, but much more aware and active than typical smoking methods.

For consumers out there who prefer to have their already organic products even more organic, this unrefined cold press is worth your time. It's a versatile hit among the few cannabis essential oils out there; Organic Neem's cold press can be used on both hair and skin, may even cure specific ailments, such as nail fungus, lice, and eczema.

Beyond pain relief and anti-anxiety administration, the cold press also targets dangerous pesticides and fungus. This means this essential oil is even good for gardening and pet care. An all around CBD product that's backed by science? You won't be able to live the same without it.

Edens Garden has a vast quantity of different cannabis essential oils to choose from, but their therapeutic blend helps me personally overcome major joint pains and other debilitating physical ailments. It's not fast acting, like Tylenol or Bayer, but when it does kick in, you're left feeling on a level of calm and poised serenity. That makes it one of the best essential oils for blood pressure, too.

Best, in my opinion for the morning pick-me-up, Edens Garden once again delivers one of the best cannabis essential oils, because it has a myriad of uses. I suggest you try this essential oil as soon as you return home from the gym.

House of Hemp makes their cannabis essential oils by using low pressure steam when distilling. This engineers a powerfully strong essential oil that is reinforced by its hemp ingredients. Used most often for simply reenergizing and recharging the body, this cannabis essential oil can alleviate pain, stress, and simply make one feel more alive.

The aroma almost smells like cannabis, with somewhat of a herbaceous woody aroma. On paper that doesn't sound so pleasing, but when returning home from an extremely long day from work and all your mind can do is spin uncontrollably, House of Hemp can set your axle back in proper motion thanks to simultaneous physical and emotional health enhancements.

This tiny little vial filled with powerful cannabis essential oils is, by far, my personal favorite. While pain relief, stress reduction, and overall relaxation may be on the most important facets for typical essential oil consumerisms, I like my focus to be much more readily enhanced. I simply know I get distracted so easily that practically anything can pull me away from my tasks without so much as a second guess.

That's where the aromatherapy of Cannanda's High Achievers cannabis essential oils comes into play. By infusing somewhat similar ingredients from previous essential oils, they have the same benefits in health and pain relief, yet add a new focus to the mix. After a long inhale of high achievers, your awareness and focus are extremely enhanced. You're not just perky, you're well-energized and ready for anything that stands in your way.

With virgin in its title, you know the product has been left untouched by harmful outside chemicals and other nasty additives. The unrefined hemp seed oil product by Sweet Essentials fuses amino acids with vitamin E to make an all-natural anti-oxidant that comes packed with Omega-3, Omega-6, and even Omega-9, which makes it one of the best cannabis essential oils for moisturizing skin.

Sweet Essentials' oil has also been found to strengthen hair with a variety of nutrients, specifically Argan oil. It also contains a large quantity of vitamins, all of which are populated with potassium, magnesium, iron and many other healthy minerals.

Grown naturally and maintained using organic procedures, Dr. Angela's is one of the most tested cannabis essential oils on the market, proven by their surging popularity. The powerful chronic pain reliever is made with 100 percent therapeutic ingredients, such as marjoram, frankincense, lavender, and pure cannabis sativa to deliver a fast-acting, non-harmful method for alternative pain relief. It's actually a perfect essential oil for arthritis.

According to the manufacturers, this cannabis essential oil blend is made with the "master" of marijuana infusion ingredients, yet is still non-intoxicating, so as to avoid legal issues and medical concerns. This steam distillation mix may not get you high, but it will alleviate some of your worst physical pains while also cutting away toxic emotional blockers in the process. It's my own personal stress reliever for when I'm all out of the sticky icky greens.

Despite the fact that I'm more of an indica fan myself, sativa seed oil, as produced by Offernova, delivers a potent blend of smells, which will reduce joint pains like most of the previous cannabis essential oils. Unlike the counterparts, though, Offernova's product has been proven to benefit those with psoriasis and other similar skin ailments.

The 100 percent pure and organic concoction also stimulates hair growth and will dramatically improve your skin's overall health. Detoxifying your skin through a series of relaxing messages and oil treatments sounds more like heaven than anything else. With hemp as an ingredient, as well, Offernova's essential oil diminishes split ends and strengthens hair for a natural shine and long lasting resilience.

Hilarious as it is eccentric, the aptly named Dope on a Rope concept should have been invented years ago. Now, being that its ingredients are among the cannabis essential oils, cleaning your body with a marijuana leaf shaped bar of soap seems only practical to the droves of potheads that roam the earth. As cliché as it may appear, though, the eucalyptus and subsequent ingredients have given the Dope on a Rope soap a whole new level of superiority; chronic pain relief.

That's not all Dope on a Rope is known for. The product even serves as a natural way to decrease anti-inflammatory issues. For just a bar of soap, the essential oils in here prove that cannabis can greatly improve our lives in a variety of concepts—if only accurately pursued.

A little different from the previous cannabis essential oils, Wild Thera's product is one that can soothe the joints and muscles like an unnatural warming bliss; almost a personal sauna for your skin, mind, and soul. Whenever I'm feeling drained after walking for far too longer than I should have, a few light swaths and a message of Wild Thera will elevate me in innumerable ways.

What I find most enjoyable about using cannabis oil and CBD oil in my essential oils is the subtle high-like feel it can render upon your body. While you may not be on the infamous cloud nine, your body and area of discomfort certainly feels that way. Especially for older folks, Wild Thera has all natural ingredients that will help you ignore pain signatures from any part of the body, all the while soothing your spirits.


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