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When Venom meets Hulk

by Chris Pagian 3 months ago in film
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Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe to follow the many roles, now the "Hulk family" role is somehow a very large potential class of characters, because whether it is the follow-up of other Hulk-type characters or rumors that Marvel is ready to develop the "Hulk World War ", means that compared to the previous 4 stages of the comic book movie, the Hulk system of the character will further strengthen the sense of presence.

In the Marvel Universe, most of the regular Hulk characters are based around the personality of "Bruce Banner", but there are many special versions of the Hulk, so we will briefly take stock today -

Marvel Universe in those special versions of the Hulk gesture!

[1] Venom Hulk.

In the first 3 volumes of the Marvel comic book series "Absolute Carnage", the Venom symbiote to prevent the "symbiote God Null" from completely awakening, as well as to kill the massacre, chose to parasitize their never-before parasitized target, that is, Hulk.

So far, this comic was born and the previous Venom version of a very different Venom Hulk, this class Hulk is covered in black Venom symbiote and Hulk's green composition, and Hulk's head and hands for a very exaggerated venomization.

Imagine the Venom's sharp claws with the Hulk's "unicorn arm" strange force, this claw down, not dead but also half crippled.

Of course!

Venom Hulk has also had other gestures, in Marvel's Avengers animation, Hulk has been Venom parasitic, showing six venomous tentacles posture, is also considered a more special version of the Hulk series storyline shape.

Just do not know, according to the current Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony Pictures Venom linkage speed, we want to see Venom + Hulk gesture, do not know how long it will take to ~

[2] OBA Hulk (immortal Hulk).

In a way, OBA Hulk or immortal Hulk almost called the current Hulk series plot, Hulk's strongest gesture, of course, this version of Hulk in the persona of pure evil version.

On the one hand, in the "Immortal Hulk" series, Marvel completely subverted the origin of the Hulk; on the other hand, because in this version of the Hulk, Marvel configured OBA and OAA counterparts of the existence.


In the setting of the immortal Hulk, Bruce Banner can actually incarnate Hulk, not because of gamma-ray experiments accidentally, but from its childhood is the host of OBA (under everything, absolutely pure, the source of all the evil of the Marvel Universe), its body with the gamma energy is also "evolved" for the gamma God power.

And Hulk is not because of the experiment and accidentally generated personality.

In fact, in this branch, Hulk is responsible for guarding Bruce Banner's body seal OBA gatekeeper.

And in the second half of the comic plot, based on the perspective of the immortal Hulk, Marvel has shaped a future timeline and become a "planet devourer" of the Hulk swallowing stars.

Its combat power is horrible, however, because the plot is set too buggy, so the chances of being moved to the silver screen in the future personal feel minimal ~

[3] Nur - boundary-breaker.

To a certain extent, Nur Boundary Breaker in some fan understanding may not take him as the Hulk, but, based on the nature of this role, saying he is a special version of the Hulk can also be justified.

In Marvel's "Origin of Fear" series, was sealed on Earth, Asgard's original fear of the king of the gods "Great Serpent", to break the seal to compete with Odin for the throne of Asgard, had scattered eight sledgehammers on Earth, every person who touched the sledgehammer will be instantly transformed into the control of the Great Serpent "Heavenly hammer venerable".

And in terms of styling, most of the characters will also have no small change.

And the Hulk in the comics after accidentally touching this huge hammer was transformed into Nur - the boundary breaker, not only with battle armor, but the body is also full of violence, not to mention that there is a sledgehammer.

In addition to this -

Similar to the "Axis of Good and Evil" series in which the attributes of good and evil were reversed, Hulk directly transformed into the villain "Kho", this form of Kho's whole body skin color became dark green and gray, covered with red glowing lines, red eyes + metal gray skin armored.


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