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What to do if my passport is expiring

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Passports are no doubt one of the critical documents which proves your identity. However, you should keep this document safe and don't lose it, or else you can’t travel around the world.

Always keep a check on your passport's expiration date so that you can renew it on time, or else it can create a problem for you. To avoid it you should renew it within time.

In this article, you will realize what to do if your passport is expiring.

What is a passport?

A passport is a travel document provided by the government of a country to its inhabitants that certifies the holder's identity and nationality for international travel.

Passports are compact booklets that generally include the bearer's name, birthplace, date of birth, date of issuance, date of expiration, passport number, photo, and signature. There are several sorts of passports available based on the bearer's status in their native country.

If you’re concerned about your passport images, an online passport photo editor can help you with that.

What Exactly Is an Emergency Passport?

An emergency passport, also known as a temporary passport, is provided if you have lost or stolen your passport and do not have time to apply for a new one. For example, if you accidentally left your passport on the plane and cannot board your connecting flight, you can contact your embassy and request a one-way emergency passport that will bring you home.

How do I get a Passport?

Each country has its unique passport application procedure. For complete details on acquiring a passport, see your country's official website. You may have to apply in person at a government office or apply online. While applying online, the online passport photo tool might be the need of the hour, so don’t forget it.

Fill out a passport application form, present evidence of identification and citizenship, supply passport-sized images, list two references on the application form, and pay the application price.

You must complete the application form accurately and accurately since your request may be refused if you do not.

What to do if your passport is about to expire?

A passport is one of the most valuable pieces of identification a person may have. If you intend to go to another nation, you must obtain a passport to verify who you are and where you are from. Since travel security procedures have become more stringent, it is nearly impossible to travel without a passport.

If your passport is about to expire, you should immediately go for the renewal of passports as it's an urgent procedure, so you should not waste time and get it done as soon as possible.

How long can my passport be valid?

Passports are typically valid for five or ten years, depending on the country, after which they are no longer valid for travel. When traveling, ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from the start of your trip. Otherwise, you may be denied entrance into your target country.

Will My Old Passport Be Returned to Me When I Renew My Passport?

Your old passport may be returned to you or safely destroyed by the passport-issuing authority of your country. Typically, if your old passport is returned to you, it will be in a damaged state to invalidate it, such as with a hole in the booklet. If you still have an entrance visa in your previous passport, it will be returned to you.

When I renew my passport, does my passport number change?

When you get a new passport, it will have a different number than your old one. If you applied for any official documents using your old passport, you might need to reapply with your new passport.

Importance of Passport


A passport is one of the most trustworthy kinds of identification. The Department of State issues passports, which are nearly hard to falsify. As a result, a passport is a particular form of identity.

Evidence of Citizenship

A passport can be used to demonstrate your nationality. Because the application process for a passport is ordinarily lengthy, obtaining a passport without being a citizen would be practically difficult. So, if your citizenship is ever called into question, having your passport on hand can immediately clear up any uncertainty.

For Keeping Track of Where You've Been

When you enter another nation, the pages in your passport are stamped. These stamps contain the name of the country you have traveled to, which makes a passport a good tool for tracking where you have been and a reminder of where you have yet to go.


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