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Want to master the art of ‘Wedding photography’?

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These key tips can surely help

No matter if you are a professional photographer or a rookie, wedding photography requires some key skills and dedication down the line. So, if you have just started with photography and thinking of gaining expertise in this ‘most talked about’ photography niche, we got some really handy tips in our kitty to share with you.

Njock Ajuk Eyong, who has proved his mettle as one of the most famous wedding photographers in the African continent, also shares his views in the same regards. As per him, the following handy tips and tricks can certainly help you to master the wedding photography art.

1. Invest in the right lenses

So, you have just bagged a contract t shoot for a client at their wedding ceremony and don't know how to start along. Well, the very first thing that you need to do is invest in a high-quality lens.

Now, for all those who may question the significance of a lens in wedding photography, check out every blog related to photography on the internet.

A perfect lens would help you to capture some scintillating images from any part of the wedding arena. It doesn’t matter whether you have to shoot a portrait including a couple of people at the venue, the right lenses would make it possible, even from a distance.

2. Buy the right camera

It’s a fact that if you have a good camera in your kitty, a lot of things become easier for you in the photography domain. You are not required to make a lot of adjustments and the camera can pick the right angle, focus, and mode to capture the perfect shot.

Still, as per me, it all depends on the skill set and talents of the photographer that will bring out the best shot forward.

3. Image focus

Once you prepare yourself for the perfect click, the first thing that you need to think about is bringing the sharp focus to every element and aspect fo the picture, let's say the image is about a waterfall dropping from a mountain and you want to cover the surrounding flora and fauna alongside.

You need to keep the focus sharp so as every minute detail is visible to the person prima facia. That would be the only way your captured shot can leave a long-lasting impact on the given viewers.

Speaking oif sharp focus, you can do that while playing a bit with the aperture setting of your camera. The focus, however, must be towards bringing the right depth of field to your image. Talking about the right aperture setting, keeping it between f/11 – f/16 is highly recommended.

4. Make the best use of the golden hour

Making the best use of the available light resources comes as one of the most important traits of a professional photographer. Speaking of the golden hour, it is the time before the sunset and after the sunrise.

Photography experts believe that you can find the best lighting for any given picture during this time and you don’t even require a flashlight or any other equipment for the same regards.

5. Practice as much you can

Practice makes a man perfect and the same holds true to wedding photography. Being a wedding photographer, you never know how the wedding venue would look like, how many guests are about to come and how are the lighting conditions going to be,

Hence, its always advisable to practice the shoot way in advance to get rid of any last-minute goof-ups with the same. Take permission from your client and visit the wedding venue in advance. Try to learn the perfect angles, location, and other aspects that would bring the best out of your photography.

Njock Ajuk Eyong africa says that once you have donned the same art with all the perfect, there is no looking back for you in your photography career.

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