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Useful image processing software

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image processing

1. Photoshop

Software Description:

Adobe Photoshop, referred to as "PS", is an image processing software developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. Photoshop mainly deals with digital images composed of pixels. Using its numerous editing and drawing tools, you can effectively edit pictures. ps has many functions, which are involved in image, graphics, text, video, publishing and other aspects.

2. CorelDRAW

Software Description:

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a graphic design software of Canadian Corel Company; the software is a vector graphics production tool software produced by Corel Company. This graphics tool provides designers with vector animation, page design, website production, bitmap editing and web animation. Kind of function.

The image software is a set of award-winning graphics and image editing software. It contains two drawing applications: one for vector graphics and page design, and one for image editing. This set of drawing software combination brings users powerful interactive tools, allowing users to create a variety of dynamic special effects and dot matrix image instant effects can be achieved in a simple operation-without losing the current jobs. Through Coreldraw's comprehensive design and web page functions, it can be integrated into the user's existing design scheme, which is flexible.

The software suite provides briefings, color pages, manuals, product packaging, logos, web pages, and others for professional designers and drawing enthusiasts; the intelligent drawing tools and new dynamic wizards provided by the software can fully reduce the difficulty of user manipulation. Allow users to more easily and accurately create the size and position of objects, reduce click steps, and save design time.

3. Kaibei photo editing software

Kaibei Retouching is a professional portrait post-retouching software, which can help post-digitalists improve the efficiency of retouching (a single person can repair more than 400 refined films or 1,000 rough retouched films per day)

With powerful batch face-lifting technology, one-click batch completion of facial liquefaction; AI-recognizable automatic skin resurfacing, easy to complete sample-level texture skin processing; one-click download and use of multiple color palettes; one-click add sky/light effect/ Artistic words / foreground / Jesus light, etc.;

4. 3D Studio Max

Software Description:

3D Studio Max, often referred to as 3d Max or 3ds MAX, is a PC-based 3D animation rendering and production software developed by Discreet (later merged by Autodesk). Its predecessor was 3D Studio series software based on DOS operating system. Before the advent of Windows NT, industrial-grade CG production was monopolized by SGI graphics workstations. The emergence of the 3D Studio Max + Windows NT combination suddenly lowered the threshold of CG production. First began to use in animation production in computer games, and then further began to participate in the production of special effects for film and television films, such as X-Men II, The Last Samurai, etc. . After Discreet 3Ds max 7, it was officially renamed Autodesk 3ds Max. The latest version is 3ds max 2019!

Software advantages:

1. High cost performance

First of all, 3DS MAX has a very good performance-to-price ratio. The powerful functions it provides far exceed its own low price. The average production company can afford it, so that the production cost of the work can be greatly reduced, and It has relatively low requirements for the hardware system, and the general configuration can already meet the needs of learning. I think this is also a concern for every software user.

2. Many users, easy to communicate

Once again, it has the most users in the country, which is convenient for communication, and there are many tutorials in Qingfeng Academy. With the popularization of the Internet, the forum about 3D MAX is also very popular in China.

3. Easy to get started

Secondly, the question that beginners are more concerned about is whether 3D MAX is easy to use. You can rest assured that the production process of 3D MAX is very simple and efficient, which can make you get started quickly, so don't be intimidated by its large number of commands. , As long as your operation ideas are clear, it is very easy to get started, and the operability in the subsequent high version is also very simple, and the optimization of the operation is more conducive to learning for beginners.

5. AutoCAD

Software Description:

AutoCAD software is an automatic computer-aided design software produced by the United States Autodesk Co., Ltd. (Autodesk). It can be used to draw two-dimensional drawings and basic three-dimensional designs. Through it, you can draw automatically without knowing programming. Therefore, it is worldwide Widely used, it can be used in civil construction, decoration, industrial drawing, engineering drawing, electronic industry, clothing processing and many other fields.

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