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Top 10 Places to Sell Photos Online and Make Money

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Sell Photos Online

Top 10 Places to Sell Photos Online and Make Money
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Are you looking to make money online by selling your photos? Are you curious about which sites allow stock photos to be sold?

You can make a lot of money as a photographer or even start your own business! If you are familiar with the best places to sell photos online, it is possible to make a lot of money as a photographer. There is a high demand for photographers of all skill levels. Everybody, from big corporations to small and medium-sized businesses to bloggers, graphic artists, marketers, and publishers, buys and uses photos online regularly.

This guide will show you the 10 best places online to sell your photos and make money doing what is most important to you.

Who buys stock photos? What type of photos sells best?

Bloggers and owners of small- to medium-sized websites are the largest buyers of stock photos.

Which images do they buy the most?

People from all cultures and countries, including children and adults!

Businesses love these images of people working. People work on their laptops, writing, or speaking in a meeting. You shouldn't make them too generic that they become a common meme.

Food -- There are many delicious food options, even if you don't have any plates.

Tools -- Potential buyers may be interested in tools such as hammers, nuts bolts, and wrenches.

Cities -- Cityscapes, buildings, people commuting.

Nature -- This is an easy one to remember and never gets old to sell or shoot.

Travel -- Photos from all over the globe are in great demand

Pro-tip: Take a look at some of the image marketplaces that we will discuss to see more popular images.

The Best Places to Sell Photos Online

Create Your Own Website

  • Your website is the best place to sell your photos online.
  • That's because:
  • You can determine your prices.
  • Nobody else takes a cut.
  • You can choose how you want to display your photos.
  • You are free to set your terms and conditions.
  • You are in complete control.

Are you not yet a webmaster? It's easy to get started. This is a quick guide to creating a WordPress website for photography. WordPress is the most popular platform for professional photography websites.

To attract people to your site and convince them to purchase your photos, it is important to show off your photos after you have created them. To create photo galleries, we recommend Envira Gallery, a highly-rated WordPress plugin.

Envira Gallery

Photo albums can be created with customizable Lightboxes that allow you to display and categorize images in a way that is unique from others.

The Envira Gallery plugin includes a WooCommerce extension that lets you sell photos quickly. If you decide to sell images on your site, you should learn how to sell photos in WordPress.

If you don't want to use WordPress, this guide will show you how to make a Squarespace or Wix website.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock, formerly Fotolia, is a stock photography marketplace from the maker of popular photo editing software such as Lightroom and Photoshop. This online marketplace has been in existence for more than 10 years. It is well-known as the first to allow you to sell photos.

Adobe Stock's royalty share is what you will love most. It is much higher than other online shops.

Fotolia photos become part of Adobe Stock Library, meaning they can be used in other Adobe applications. This means that millions of Adobe users and potential buyers have access to them.

Adobe Stock offers a range of 20% to 60% for contributors. Adobe Stock is not like other marketplaces that require you to grant them exclusive rights to your images. You can also sell on Adobe Stock and other platforms simultaneously.

Adobe Stock is a giant in stock photography and will likely continue to be a top destination for both buyers and sellers.

Adobe Stock allows you to start Click Here...

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