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Thor 4" deletion

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By Chris PagianPublished 7 months ago 5 min read

Although Marvel did not present the X-Men arrangement in the previously announced Phase V-VI plan, many fans are sure that in Marvel 2025, that is, after the end of Phase VI, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will officially usher in the "Year of the Mutant".

For this reason, before and after the fourth phase Marvel has had some "small action", in succession for the subsequent mutant access to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to do pavement, this wide net until a certain point after the unified "collection network" is also a common mode of Marvel new IP online This kind of wide net until a certain node after the unified "collection" is also a common mode of Marvel new IP online.

For the time being.

[1] "Odd 2" as a member of the Illuminati online Professor X, is now a typical Marvel Cinematic Universe, used to pave the way for Marvel's subsequent mutant branch one of the clues.

As the core character of the Marvel mutant academy, Professor X for the entire mutant significance speaks for itself, so the subsequent Marvel mutants on the line, this role will certainly be the first role on one of them, of course, then the actor of Professor X is not necessarily Patrick Stewart, the old man's age is there, it is estimated that it can not be tossed up.

For the new version of Professor X actor, earlier on the network is abuzz with "fried chicken uncle" Giancarlo Esposito publicly said he wanted to play "Professor X", but I do not know if Marvel will finally choose him, but there are fans who disagree, after all. If Giancarlo Esposito plays Professor X, then Professor X will also be "blackened".

But it's worth mentioning: in Marvel's year for the role of Professor X design Professor X's prototype is black, Martin Luther King.

2] Another mutant ambush is the ending of "Marvel Girl", for the heroine Kamala's genetic positioning, unlike the original Marvel Kamala, is set to Inhumans, in today's Marvel universe Kamala's role has undergone some adaptation.

From the original Inhuman ability, into a reliance on the mysterious bracelet to obtain superpowers, and then finally with the mouth of Kamala's friends, revealed Kamala's genes suspected of "mutation", for this reason, based this, Kamala may be from the original Inhuman into the film universe today, "mutant "It is also possible.

[3] Another point is that earlier in the "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" derivative play introduced in the "Madrid Po port", in the original Marvel Madrid Po port is a seaport island, geographically advantageous, but also a place outside the law, in the Marvel comics, this is also the origin of Wolverine story.

In the "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" Baron Zemo took the Falcon and the Winter Soldier to the bar, called the "Princess Bar", one of the shareholders of the original bar is Wolverine, so, compared to some of the earlier Marvel works set, the current stage of Marvel buried mutant worldview ambush is increasing.

Of course!

There are also some more obvious settings about mutants, was Marvel to selective deletion, may be felt that there will be some hints of too obvious, which is more typical is -

Thor 4" deleted the evil god Cyttorak!

Previously, Marvel's concept designer Sung Choi shared on social media Ins a "Thor 4" was deleted from the concept of the Pantheon scene map, in this concept map, we can see some of the original should appear in the movie "gods" shape.

And one of the more conspicuous "gods", and Marvel's "Red Tank" are very similar!

Fans who have read the original Marvel comics should know that this "god" is no surprise that the original Marvel's evil god Cyttorak, the comics, the evil god Cyttorak is the creator of the role of Marvel "Red Tank", the original plot of the evil god Cyttorak is the master of the Crimson Universe, in about a thousand years ago, Marvel's eight demon gods had About a thousand years ago, Marvel's eight demon gods had gathered together, to prove who is the most powerful gods and demons on the matter of disagreement.

For this reason, each god and devil set a bet to create a magic artifact with their respective abilities, and each first person who touches this equipment will have the ability of the corresponding demon god, for this reason, the evil god Cyttorak made the crimson gem that can make people transform into red tanks.

And then it was enshrined in the temple built by the evil god Cyttorak, after Professor X and his brother Kain Marco during the outbreak of the Korean War, had accidentally broken into the temple in the forest, Kain found the Crimson Gem on the altar and touched it, for this reason, transformed into a red tank.

Although we say that the red tank is not strictly speaking "mutant", after all, he is given the ability to equip the posture, but the red tank in the original Marvel plot is basically around the mutant or the X-Men, who can also be considered the core role of Marvel mutant branch.

And "Thor 4" removed this concept map in the appearance of the evil god Cyttorak, somehow also considered Marvel for the subsequent mutant online buried the ambush, nay, eventually "Thor 4" will be deleted.


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