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This session of comic book fans is not good to bring

The American team is not a child

By Chris PagianPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

If we talk about the most discussed topic in the Marvel fan base recently, probably in addition to the newly launched "female Hulk" episodes, it is "the American team is not a baby" this topic.

Of course, this topic earlier in the first time out, "female Hulk" has not yet online, so this topic is also a lot of fans and even Marvel officials to discuss, until finally in the "female Hulk" episode 1 of the final egg, through the mouth of Bruce Banner (Hulk) to a definitive conclusion -

The American team is not a child ~

But this session of the fans did not stop there, since the comic book side has said the United States team is not a child's conclusion, then, now need to explore the "United States team was the first time to which girl?"

To this end, many fans are also directly focused on the "Team America 1" in Laura Haddock as an unnamed "signer", before Hulk said that the United States team's "first time" is to happen in the period of the army tour, and in the film, Laura Haddock In the movie, Laura Haddock played this beautiful woman seeking autographs, the movie directly gave a large close-up.

So many fans are also crazy speculation, is not she taking away the United States team "one blood" woman ~

But what's more interesting is.

The actress Laura Haddock played this role in "Team America 1" although there is no name, but after the "Guardians of the Galaxy 1" Laura Haddock again online Marvel Cinematic Universe starring Star-Lord's mother Meredith Quill.

Because 2 actors used the same person, this makes many fans direct speculate, is not the year "Team America 1" to take the U.S. team blood of women is not the role of Star-Lord's grandmother and so on, this idea is also gradually fermented on the outside network, so much so that eventually let the "Silver Guardian" actor James Guinn also down to explain.

"Rolling guide" James Gunn.

Meredith Quill was born in the "late 50s/early 60s," which means that Rogers could not have been Star-Lord's grandfather, "in this case, Laura played in 1943 role is too young, Meredith Quill was born in the 50s late '50s/early '60s."

So, "rolling guide" is also a direct denial of the fans of this speculation, but some fans questioned, "Since it is not a grandmother or something like that, is it possible to be Star-Lord's aunt and other roles?

In response, James Gunn half-jokingly said: "sure why not."

However, despite the unlikelihood (almost none), in fact, the "first" experience of the United States team, if Marvel wants to expand to describe some story, can be put into the "What if" series, the typical theme is.

"If the United States team for the first time, the woman gave birth to a child to the United States team?

You know, itself, the United States team this period is experienced enhanced, so he gave birth to a child will certainly have a possibility is that born enhanced!

Even, Marvel if you are willing to completely borrow the year "Ultimate Comics Avengers V1" in the setting, in this comic, is set up the United States team had a lover during World War II, before experiencing the frozen event afterward, the United States team had a night of love with this woman.

It is also this time, that the United States team has a son named Steve Roger!

Because it is the inheritance of the genetic bloodline of the United States team, so Roger itself presents qualities far beyond the conventional human, in the United States team was frozen period, directly by the old United States to find, and taken away for secret training, but obviously, or a child Roger, in the case of away from his mother, and endured years of brutal training.

Roger's heart has long been twisted, for this reason, in adulthood, directly chose to wash the entire old U.S. base, and after this Steve Roger directly wielded a knife to peel off his face, because there is no face, so in the shape of Steve Roger also became, after we say "Red Skull" setting.

It is worth mentioning that.

"Red Skull" Steve Roger in the subsequent episodes began to mix in the major wars, causing great harm, so much so that in the Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury, ready to start again "Avengers plan" to confront the son of the U.S. team, which will have In the subsequent episodes of the comic there was an outbreak of a "father-son bureau" war.

And when the U.S. team heard the Red Skull called himself, as well as his kind of inexplicable "hate it", is also a direct hit to the U.S. team's confusion.

Therefore, if Marvel can bring the whole story to the screen, it is estimated that it will be very impactful, but also in line with the "what if" series of the usual brainstorming style.


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